Thursday, June 1

All townships and construction villages in Baoding City are 100%

Original title: All townships and construction villages in the city have only 100% this year, Baoding City focuses on the implementation of "four good rural roads" improvement projects, and strengthens rural roads to improve the quality of the people, and serve the village. At present, all townships and construction villages in the city have reached 100%, and 30 kilometers in the county have basically reached 90%.

According to reports, the "four good rural road" improvement project is one of the important contents of Baoding City this year, and its mission is to build 785 kilometers of rural roads, "slider road" is fully remedown.

Since this year, in order to ensure the strong opening of rural road construction, the Baoding City Transportation Bureau established the "Four Good Rural Road" to improve the project special event leading group, and formulated relevant implementations.

Up to now, the city’s rural road has completed 649 kilometers, and the investment is 1.1 billion yuan. Since 2018, the "four good rural roads" construction three-year action plan has reached 15903 kilometers, including 708 kilometers of county roads, 3695 kilometers of township roads, 11500 kilometers of village roads, 1197 bridges, rural areas The continuous optimization of highway road network has greatly improved traffic conditions in rural areas. Since this year, the city promotes the transformation of rural passenger transport lines on the basis of 100% passenger cars in the construction village. At present, the businesses of rural passenger lines within 30 kilometers of the county have basically reached 90%. In addition, the city has established 349 rural passenger transport lines, 1739 rural passenger traffic passengers, 18 secondary passenger stations, 21 third-level five-level passenger station, 311 simple stations, 5,967 converging station, forming a level Clear, tight, smooth and smooth passenger station layout. (Reporter Yu Guoying) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.