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Pinggu to create an agricultural tour network Red Cardware Jingwa Nongkegy Center is expected to be transported in August

Original title: Pinggu creates agricultural tour network Red Card Taxi Agricultural Leisure Lake Agricultural Leisure Landscape Buildings Open Spring This year, the card is open to Huang Cancan rapeseed flower field; summer, the "maze" can come to the field, autumn, The "protagonist" here gives the chrysanthemum in Pinggu; winter, Jinhai Lake towns covered by snow scenes, is also worth watching … Yearly four seasons, combined with crops grows, in this shorten Jinhai Lake agricultural leisure In the landscape park, different beautiful "picture" can be exhibited throughout the year.

After the world’s leisure conference, this agricultural casual park next to the main venue became a new net red card in Pinggu District and a small minority of the "domain tourism" in the district.

Jinhai Lake Agricultural Leisure Park opened in April, Wenxi Xiaowei, "Front of the front, the passenger flow, the passenger flow has doubled several times higher than in the year," indeed became a net red card point. "In Jinhai Lake, Pinggu District In the park, the rapeseed Field has just been "curtain", and the cornfield will arrange "taken", and the workers are watering the field multicolored decoction. Shi Li Cheng, director of the Director of the Pinggu District Development and Reform Commission: "This park, on the basis of the nature of the ‘farming’, to develop agricultural leisure tourism functions, is an innovative way of combining agriculture and tourism, but also cracking modern facilities agricultural income. A breakthrough, combined with tourism to achieve comprehensive income.

"Beijing Youth Daily reported that Jinhai Lake Agricultural Leisure Landscape Park, located on the west side of Jinhai Lake Dam, adjacent to the world’s leisure conference home museum – Jinhai Lake Convention Center, the park is more than 180,000 square meters, planting a fruit, Dada Landscape Crops and special vegetable varieties are displayed, and cultivated land crops are cultivated, cultivated rapeseed by season, spring wheat, black millet, corn, etc. Mi, planning to build the largest mazrus theme amusement area in Beijing. In addition to this combined agriculture, next to Jinhai Lake Wenbao Town, the World Leisure Convention, this year’s "May 1" period The reception is also achieved. As the third batch of national development reform pilot small towns Five-star hotel, boutique homestairs, water-electrical thermal supporting facilities have been built, currently 20,000 square meters of commercial facilities are investing in the investment promotion stage, plans to enter multiple flagship brand stores, will be officially opened next year. "After leisure conference "Development of 13 townships to develop the whole country", "leisure tourism is slow life, slow travel, not to say like the traveler, there is a good accommodation experience, but also appreciate and feel the Pinggu District Several culture, including calligraphy culture, 楹 楹 culture, Kistler culture, etc. These are all-in-law characteristic cultures, and they are also in front of Beijing. "For leisure travel, Deputy Director, Deputy Director, Pinggu Tessory, talked about his own understanding. Northern Youth Daily reported that after this year, after the World Leisure Conference, in combination with the construction of the national tourism demonstration zone, Pinggu District will also speed up the tourism industry. Development. "Combined with the construction of our home court, we also built a music division, and there were also Daxingzhuang divisions, and a number of divisions were built. , Reception facilities and various tourist receptions, entertainment and leisure methods have a big improvement, which is also a leisure concept embodied in a good ecological environment in Pinggu District.

"Road Da Yong introduced that the leisure meeting is not just holding a concept of meeting, according to the requirements of" doing a meeting, engage in a city ", Pinggu District will continue to build a global leisure tourism industry development dialogue exchange platform, introduce the leisure exhibition industry, create Leisure Theme Exhibition Landmark Brand.

According to reports, after the World Leisure Conference this year, Jinhai Lake main venue has held more than 20 conference meeting activities.

From next year, China · Beijing Leisure Conference will be held every year.

In 2019, Pinggu District officially became the first batch of national national tourism demonstration zones. Over the years, through the creation of national tourism demonstration zones, Pinggu District Tourism has also gradually transformed from the tourism model of the attractions. Pinggu District "14th Five-Year Plan", "Tourism Development Plan in Pinggu" A special plan is closely docked.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Pinggu District Wenxiao Bureau, in the construction of the whole domain tourism, there is no barrier-free environmental construction renovation work, and 28 free-barrier-free facilities is 28. Service facilities upgrade the reconstruction project acceptance work and settlement evaluation work; the construction of the second phase of the Taohua Harbor III project The tourism development project will be completed before the end of this year.

At the same time, the whole district is vigorously promoting the construction of boutique home, encourages the establishment of a town-level land joint venture company, and the idle collective construction land uses the development of the property industry; guiding the conditions for the development of the country to develop ideas Agriculture, tourism new state gathering area; guiding the villagers to use the idle homesteads to build or pass the village-level organizations, and the pilot will develop the boutique home. At present, 13 towns and towns, such as Jinhai Lake Town, Dahuashan Town, Zhen Luoying Town, Dahua Zhuang Town, Pinggu District, have been developing 134 boutique guests.

There are 64 boutique budgets, 84 boutique borders planned.

Heavy building "Agricultural Zhongguancun" Jingwa Center in August plans to invest in "You now see the inside of the most inside, is testing the soreness of honey, she just finished ham intestinal nitrite test; middle this The tester is testing the fat content of the bean product with the Sobi extraction method; the outermost sides are detecting the volatile phenol content of the water quality … "At the entrance of the routine physical and chemical laboratory of Yigu Research, Dean Tian Ho Xiang North Qing Reporter report.

In this newly established research institute, the sensory evaluation room, standard substance room, inorganic pre-processing room, dozens of equipment, and professional test teams are in synchronous operation.

In April this year, the industry "leading sheep" has been developed by more than 40 national and industry standards, gaining the National Agricultural Sciences, China Metrology Research Institute, China Analysis Test Association, China Inspection and Testing Society, etc. The prigaretics, the "National Team" member, is committed to providing technical support for agricultural creativity, and supports food safety monitoring.

"This is a public inspection platform, which is directly served in modern agriculture. It is more interesting that the platform is based on the block chain, and all equipment is connected to the Internet environment to avoid human influence, so that the test data is more accurate. "Just as the introduction of the Dean Tianhe," surrounding the equipment research and development of the equipment in the agricultural industry, inspection and testing, data analysis, standardization construction, here will become one of the important startings of "Agriculture Zhongguancun" in Pinggu District.

In March 202, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Plan on the Comprehensive Promotion of Rural Rural Revitalization", which clearly proposed "Agricultural Science and Technology into Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center Construction Strategy", "Building ‘Agriculture Zhongguancun’. Vigorously promote Construction of Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Zone in Pinggu District officially included in the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Document Report. According to the "14th Five-Year Plan], Pinggu Agricultural Society will form the development of the town of Yugou Town as the core area, Pinggu is expanded, and the overall layout of mutually beneficial to the radiation area in Beijing. Among them, the total area of ??the core area is about 10,000 acres, of which 1394 mu of construction is approved as the Zhongguancun Pinggu Agricultural Science and Technology Park.

In the construction of the Zhongguancun Pinggu Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the current projects have new progress.

According to the relevant person in charge of Pinggu District, the Jingwa Center will invest in this year. At present, Beijing Jingwa Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center Construction Project has been completed, ended by the agency in the end of June, August Jingwa Center, China Agricultural University Green Development Research Institute, New Hope, Zhongzhi Biological Agriculture International Research Institute, Daxiejia Genome Breeding and non-healthy breeding laboratory, the Shounong Future Biological PIC Laboratory, the National Agricultural Research Institute, and the Agricultural Venture Investment Co., Ltd. will be settled in the operation.

In addition, occupying the 90-acre research headquarters innovation center, it is expected to start at the end of this year, the center will introduce research institutions and corporate headquarters, China Agricultural University Breeding Center, the first farm livestock and poultry seed industry R & D platform, Zhongguancun, frontier hatching platform, etc. It has been clearly settled. At present, the park’s infrastructure and military service support are also accelerated in the construction: the main secondary road renovation (Phase 1) is about 5 kilometers; the park centralized heating project is completed in November; the international community covers an area of ??90 acres, building area 8 Wan square meters, strive to start within the year; 2 sets of expert colleges are put into use.

Text / This reporter Lin Yan photography / Ma Pingchuan (responsibly: Mensus, Bao Congying).