Thursday, June 1

Promote the "group" market-wide employment Tibet continues to broaden the employment channels of college graduates

This website Yellowstone December 6 (Reporter Wang Li) Recently, the "group" market-based employment work in our district "Group" is held in Hubei Yellowstone.

7 cities (ground) in the region, 17 tangible provinces and municipal tasters attended the meeting. Employment is the largest people’s livelihood, the party committee, and the government have always attached great importance to the employment work of college graduates. The Leading Group, the college graduate employment entrepreneurship work, and the deployment of employment aids, and the establishment of a series of support policy measures to promote regional employment, and the various types of employment of 50 graduates outside the Tibet. The subsidy can be up to 300,000 yuan, pay attention to the degree, and support is unprecedented. All the aid Tibetan City station support the political height of the development of the border development and stability, the overall height, and vigorously support employment aid to build a broader platform for graduates in Tibet colleges and universities. Since 2012, under the assistance of all the aid provinces and central enterprises, the employment of college graduates in our district, from nothing, from less, and the results are gradually appearing. Since the seventh Tibet Tibet Tibet Situation Symposium, the Strong Principles of the District People’s Social Security Department, Shannan City, Hubei Provincial Treasures, Union, Huangshi City, Huangshi City, active exploration, active innovation method, in the region The first to launch the "group" market-based employment work outside the employment aid area.

In order to promote the marketing of mountains and universities in Hubei, "group" market, Shannan City puts policy support in the first place, introduced the implementation of the "Implementation of the" Regional Graduates "," in the autonomous region policy " Make additional additions, add special funds 15 million yuan, give subsidies in terms of life, transportation and family rewards, etc.

Hubei Provincial People’s Office promotes employment aid as a major political task, and gives assistance to Tibetan, in particular employment, and give special support in coordinating docking, job provisioning, recruitment recruitment.

Huangshi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attaches great importance to employment aid, and formulates "" Tibet ", it is preferred to be a special action for graduates from colleges and universities in Shannan City." .

Huangshi City People’s Social Security Bureau actively coordinates, through "giving measures, building platforms, teaching skills, excellent service", organize three top theme activities "integrating Huangshi", "Equity Huangshi Huangshi", and learned from internship, occupation 10 aspects of training are given subsidies, and the policies of Yellowstone and Shannan have gradually formed policy intensive, subsidized complementary college graduates outside the market. Employment support system. According to statistics, as of now, the "group" market-based employment work in the district "has realized two batch of 118 mountains in the southern college graduates in Hubei" group "market chemical high quality employment.

"From Shannan into Hubei, the university graduates of Hubei, the idea of ??life, on the other hand, and they also become the messenger of national unity and improvement of Tibetan culture, to open a knowledge of Tibet for more people New window.

"The Deputy Director of the Party Group, Deputy Director of the Autonomous Region, Deputy Director, District Office, the deputy director of the office, the deputy director of the Office of the Office, said. Editor: Degun Congzong.