Thursday, June 1

People Watch: free plastic surgery still make a profit you believe it?

Consumer subsidies agreement. After respondents courtesy signature, Zhang Lu surgical options are immediately developed: expanded prosthetic ear cartilage + + narrow nose. At the same time, the staff began to take her mobile phone operating loans.

In the meantime, Zhang Lu said the ID card has expired, the staff said, "can do" after left the room.

Soon, the other a back and the back of the ID card Zhang Lu residence address as the "identity card", as the true and false documents, Zhang Lu can not judge. Next, download the App, upload ID card, face sweep, a total of 34,890 yuan in loans to two App, sub-24 payments. Zhang Lu said the money directly hit the hospital account. One day, I had only been looking for a part-time Zhang Lu, do entry to determine the plastic surgery program, repayment of the money.

Two weeks later, before the formal procedure, only to see Zhang Lu surgeon. Then she asked to see the surgery-related material, found in the original agreement "expanded prosthesis" into a "silicone prosthesis."

Staff claimed that her skin could not do bulked.

"I see online that silicone material is cheap and bad" in Zhang Lu insisted that the hospital gave her into the packaging all foreign language "import" silicone material.

This operation to proceed. "Pulled down the line I found the operation fails," said Zhang Lu, stitches, red nose is crooked, there are visible scars. At that time, the hospital staff explained: "still in recovery." But the surgery in the past almost two years, Zhang Lu said the situation is still not improved. If surgery: "The whole finished image can be good promotion." "Do you think your nose is not stereo, the eye is not big enough, not enough double eyelid, and a little baby fat ……" Chen graduated in 2020, candidates plastic surgery hospital in Chengdu Consulting when consultants are continuing to combat the appearance aspect of staff. "Do you like your own eyes? There is no piece of feel dissatisfied?" Chen said through the interview, the pre-job training, the staff will ask candidates to do self-face consultation, elaborate facial disfigurement.

There are staff said: "You become a good-looking, with regard to himself as an example, and then to convince others.

"" After the completion of the whole, the image would have been better, I’ll give you an opportunity to put your face consultation was promoted to assistant. "Chen said, leading to a hospital she made such a promise, the face of insufficient economic capacity Chen rhetoric, the leaders said can zero down payment installments, and ask for their phone, claimed that he could help check the credit." They advised I would like to have a medical check.

"Chen recalls," It was hard, I slim, low blood sugar, blood vessels is very small, the nurse first needle punctured the blood vessel, black and blue all over.

"Then for a nurse, Chen remember, pumping the blood after a second tube pumping less blood, then operate with three nurses," two nurses squeeze my arm, I resisted, they simply squeeze a second tube of blood, then I have a deep fear and powerlessness, all black eyes. "Later, Chen scared, began to check installment loans, found to be downloaded three App, loans totaling yuan. The face of nearly million loan Chen" scared. "At this time the leaders have expressed their scheduled surgery.

"Eat a cephalosporin" as an excuse, Chen temporarily escaped the surgery. "This is a pit.

"Made up his mind, Chen found that leadership, parental consent to surgery, are willing to fund the grounds to cancel the stage.

In its insistence stage is canceled. Li Jing and Chen graduated the same year, when the candidates also in Changsha, then surgery and suffered a similar experience.

In November 2020, she saw a "plastic surgery hospital consultant assistant" job posting recruitment platform. The other said, before boarding the need to go through an interview, training, written examination, re-examination. By After the interview, the "long Shapo Fei medical beauty salon," Ulrich began a three-day training. After that, she was told not pass the written test, but "just under one or two points and a good attitude" as an excuse to enter the re-examination, "Now to react, so-called re-examination is to make me a loan cosmetic." "They say he did it more convincing. "Ulrich told reporters, because looks not so nice, let it do surgery hospital" comprehensive eye "surgery, and promised to give her points more than a month after some" customers do the eyes ".

"Taking advantage of employee price, do the sooner the better.

"This looked at the ‘Yan value" not confident Ulrich, unable to withstand the staff each "playing with" in a product called "Loan 15,200 yuan on the US App chestnut", sub-24, the monthly repayment required yuan, interest yuan.