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Relieve short-deficiency drugs "break supply thirst" Hubei Province designated 15 small varieties

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Hubei Daily News (Reporter Hu Intenion, Zeng Li) "A small variety of sodium hydrogen carbonate, dopamine, adrenergin, etc. in the market supply, can meet market demand, gluconic acid The shortage of calcium, multi-barphenol butamine has entered the countdown. "On June 9th, the relevant person in charge of the Fan Dafa Medicine (China) Co., Ltd. preparation factory was pleased. At this point, the province can produce 15 small varieties of drugs to a certain extent, to a certain extent. Yuan Da Medic is a national warranty reserve emergency medication production enterprise, one of six national small varieties (short-lost drugs) centralized production bases, and is also the only batch of production companies in Hubei. It is reported that small varieties (short-lost drugs) are a life-saving drug in some patients. It is characterized by clinical necessary but small dosage, and it is prone to market supply unstable, clinical shortages.

The thirst of small varieties is the problem of today’s general existence. Its shortage is complex, mainly including: pricing low manufacturers are unwilling to produce, industry standards increase the shortage of raw materials, and small market demand. It is one of the important measures for the establishment of small varieties (short deficiency) centralized production bases.

Since 2018, a number of government documents have been proposed that by 2020, a centralized production and stability supply of 100 small varieties have been achieved.

The relevant state departments support enterprises to concentrate on raw materials and preparations to go upstream and downstream resources, establish a pharmaceutical production and supply protection alliance, and achieve the stable production supply of small varieties.

At the end of 2019, the second batch of small varieties (short deficiency) centralized production base construction units were concentrated in the second batch of small varieties of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  In December 2020, the National Health Committee "Notice on Printing and Distributing the State Short Medicine List" announced that 6 injections were included in the national shortage drug list, 57 varieties were included in the national clinical essential to shortage drug key monitoring list.

At present, the far-reaching medical drugs have a small variety of small varieties of cultivation, involving the treatment of severe metallic poisoning, heart failure and other diseases.

  On March 28th, the high-profile pharmaceutical small variety (short-deficient) raw material drug production base construction project (Phase I) is started in Xiantao, with a total investment of 500 million yuan, one of which has grown into 100 million yuan, relying on top scientific research institutions and experts, create High-tech, green environmentally friendly characteristics of small varieties of drug raw materials production bases to ensure the needs of mass medication. The link clinical is very much in need, and the price is not low.

Adhering to the spirit of saving the wounded, far-sighted medicine said that it is also necessary to guarantee the "life-saving drug" picture: Yuantian pharmaceutical R & D personnel are carrying out drug research and development Hubei Daily, the reporter Hu Intenion Zeng Li correspondent Wei Wei took a yo production line neatly arranged, extended Open. On the intelligent production line, a series of processes such as fine filtering, potting, sterilization, leak detection, quality inspection, packaging, etc., a bottle of injection is born. Subsequently, these drugs carrying the "Save Life" have been distributed to major medical institutions in Wuhan.

On the afternoon of June 7, the Hubei Daily’s full media reporter passed three strict changing, cleaning, disinfection, and was allowed to enter the aseptic and net production area of ??the injectable preparation of the far-sized medical preparation plant located in Dongxi Lake. These pharmaceuticals are "small varieties" – dimercaptol propylene alcohol, which is a heavy metal poisoning, and its service population is very limited.

"It is still waiting for every day, but it will not be truly used." This is a metaphor for it. But not ignored is that they often carry a fresh life behind them. There is no huge market, no golden worth, "There is no huge market, and often lacks golden expensive worth. These seems to be less than the small varieties of most drug production enterprises." Yuan Dafa Medicine (China) Co., Ltd. Market Deputy General Manager of the Admission Center said.

  Fish protein injection, heart surgery common drugs, once shortage, heart surgery has to be postponed.

Penicillia tablets, help "liver disease" patients (commonly known as "copper dolls") researched new drugs, once shortage, "copper dolls" will have physical deformation, can not speak and act. Symptoms.

There is also a common medicine of leukemia, Chinese medicines … "Although small varieties have less dosage, once the production is reduced or discontinued, the patients have to lack the difficulty of suffering from the drug, and some will be instantaneous volume. Into the black hole of ‘unhautical rescue’, encounter a crisis of life and death. "A professor in Tongji Hospital introduced the entire media reporter of Hubei Daily. "In the clinic, I touched the patient’s helpless eyes, it was worried, as a red pharmaceutical company coming out of the Taihang Mountain," said Shi Zhijing.

In 2018, the relevant state departments organized the construction of small varieties (short-deficit) concentrated production base construction and selection, and the first time the application was submitted.

  "In fact, we know that small varieties, such as primary metal and other diethyl methacol, etc. It is a loss.

But even if you lose money, it seems negligible. "Shi Xuanjing blunt," our ‘root’ is the Eighth Route Military Health Manufacturing Factory on Taihang Mountain.

The times have changed, and the company is rescued, but the spirit of the rescue of the rescue of the rescue is never forget. "R & D" Nine deaths "except for the production of small varieties determined by some countries, far-reaching medicine also spontaneously undertakes" life-saving drugs "in some markets. Due to lack of clinical samples, small varieties are not easy.

"Nine deaths and a life", this is a summary of Dr. Shilin, the Hi Dynasty Medicine Chief Medicine, is a summary of small varieties. Sometimes, the cold bench in the year is not necessarily broken. "Touching the drug" is a usual term in R & D team. Start from zero, there is no experience for reference, everything can only explore.

  In this regard, the participating personnel have a deep touch: "Some chemical elements will play a ‘obvivorial method’, and the experience-rich test personnel is difficult to identify is impurities, or the drug molecules, confused for half a year, only hundreds of times In the test, a small solvent is found, and the desired crystallization is precipitated. "" Innovation always has someone else, to change this small variety drug, the pharmaceutical companies must actively accelerate the research and development of more innovations, in order to give patients Bring a richer choice.

"Shilin believes. At the same time, many research and development of small varieties are also speeding: some are about to start biological equivalent testing; some will enter the stability investigation stage; some also take the pharmacy research track.

  From "Fire" to normalization, "accessibility" is an important proposition that pharmaceutical manufacturers must consider. It is reported that some patients with critical illness have passed away, sometimes only a short a few minutes.

This means that it must take a life-saving medicine to the patient in this slightly fleeting time.

  "We must smoothly, improve the transfer and flow mechanism of small varieties, to avoid the shortage of small varieties of drugs, but some areas’ a warehouse problem." Yuan Da Pharmaceutics established a complete set of system, and combined with drugs.

In addition, the far-sized medical medicine also collaborates the relevant departments to complete the docking of small varieties of drug production monitoring data systems, and realize the production, sales, inventory and original accessories of small varieties, and ensure that they can accurate production and supply.

At the same time, build short-term drug multi-source information collection and supply business collaborative application platform, strengthening small varieties of drug supply and demand information docking. Self-hematopoietics continue to expand production scale is also imperative. This year, the far-sized medical medicine will invest hundreds of millions of yuan to build a new formulation industry strategy upgrade project, further enhance the benefits of small varieties to meet patient needs. The far-off person in charge introduces the full media reporter of Hubei Daily. From the corporate level, it is necessary to further strengthen the development of short-deficiency, explore the combination of short-lost drugs, rare diseases, national medical insurance and security policies, to further enhance small varieties. Sexuality.