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Promote cultural spirit, ability, mentality, and image of the same life

Summary: Keywords: Author Summary: After the wind and rain, toughness. New China has achieved economic strength, scientific and technological strength, national defense strength, comprehensive national strength, created the rare development miracle and historical greatness; the Chinese nation ushered in the strength of standing, rich and strong. Great leap.

We have long bathing in the nationality of the glory of cultural prosperity, and we will welcome the long-lasting civilized revival and cultural construction. "There is no high degree of cultural confidence, there is no culture of culture, there is no great revival of the Chinese nation.

"Based on the new historical starting point and existing cultural construction initiative, along the road of socialist cultural development of Chinese characteristics, play the new era of cultural assault, the construction of the strong country of socialist culture is also a new era. The cultural strength of cultural strength has also been clarified to establish one of the vision goals of the socialist modernization in my country. Promote the construction of cultural strength, cultural strength, cultural ability, cultural attitude, cultural image construction, to promote it Integrity development.

The cultural spirit remindsns a sound bone, rhyme, your mind, and horizons.

In contemporary China, the construction of cultural spirit is to adhere to the guidance of Marxism in the cultural field, actively cultivate and practice socialist core values, and vigorously promote the people’s position, just strengthen, innovation creation, open inclusive, etc. The spirit of culture makes it an ubiquitous "light" in the development of cultural development.

Cultural capabilities are the quality of a country in promoting cultural boom. In contemporary China, promote cultural capacity construction, we must deepen the comprehensive reform of national education, improve the cultural public service system, and focus on improving the cultural quality of the whole people, consolidate the principal basis for cultivating the construction of cultural powers, to inspire the national cultural innovation and create a central environment. Mechanism reform, continuous liberation and development of cultural productivity. Cultural mentality is both the presentation of social development in social psychological levels, and has an important impact on social development.

In the true sense of cultural strength, it must have a positive cultural attitude. In contemporary China, promote cultural attitude towards construction, but to make our society more self-esteem, Yue people, rationality, positive, and more calmly treat our historical culture, more consciously, respect us National heroes, more boldly absorb the extent of the foreign domain, and actively actively serve as the cultural responsibility of today.

The cultural image is an important dimension of people’s awareness and judgeting a strong cultural culture.

In contemporary China, strengthen national cultural image construction, requiring us to better promote the development of domestic cultural reform, accurately grasp the law of cultural communication, and effectively improve the ability to talk to the world, better show the strength and charm of Chinese culture. In the process of promoting the construction of cultural strength, the cultural spirit, the ability, mentality, and image construction is always unable to cut, and it is an organic whole of a deep blending.

Four people are different aspects of cultural strength, but from any of them, we can also see the existence, jumping and mutual photos of other three.

They interact with each other, interact, glue, and we can’t use what is "basic", what is "key", etc., the structure, the structure, the structure, said, despite the clear and clear However, a comparison with the specific and functional specificity of the four characteristics, it is not so accurate.

But one thing is extremely clear, that is, it is only strong, and it can effectively build a cultural powerful country; and only their common students can achieve their common. For example, in the construction of cultural spirit, if you leave cultural capabilities, there is no support for real strength; if you leave the level of cultural attitude, you don’t have the psychological basis for the gangliuqi’s widely needed; if you leave the culture The shape of the image and the identification are not to be able to observe themselves, to understand the beauty, with the precious reference and important driving force of Mingjin Road.

Conversely, if led the lead, cultural ability, mentality, and image construction, it will obviously lead to the leadership of the lead, and the "soul" is stressed. For another example, if the cultural spirit, the ability, the construction of the mentality is regarded as the "internal construction" in the process of cultural strength, regarding the construction of cultural images as "external shape" in the process of cultural strength, then, Between the two cannot be separated.

"Shape in the middle", "the construction" is the foundation of "external shape", "the external shape" situation has effectively influences the specific development of "internal construction".

  Cultural spirit, ability, mentality, and intensive inner associations between symbiosis, and its strong "strong" is important in the "strong" of cultural strength.

This requires us to continue to adhere to the overall construction of this side in the process of promoting the construction of strong socialist cultural powers. First, we must always insist on "watching the overall situation" and "counting the domain", observing thinking in the overall field of socialist cultural strong country, solid promoting cultural spirit, capabilities, mentality, and image, etc. The strategic fulcrum of strong country.

Second, cultural spirit, capabilities, mentality, and improvement of every aspect of construction, to strengthen overall thinking, related thinking, pay attention, and cooperate into other corresponding aspects. The third, cultural spirit, the ability, mentality, and image is integrated into the specific practice of cultural construction, and it is integrated, symbiosis, and strong in specific practice.

As in the creation of cultural work, the cultural industry development, cultural communication innovation, cultural trade promotion, etc., there is also a cultural spirit, the improvement of cultural ability, cultural attitude, the shape of cultural attitude and the shape of cultural image and display problems.

In other than, each area of ??cultural undertakings and industrial development, there is a cultural spirit, capabilities, mentality, and image elements, including cultural spirit, ability, mentality, and image construction tasks, to enhance ideas and action. conscious. This concept and consciousness of action are also the fundamental reliance of cultural spirit, abilities, mentality, and integrity construction. Its fourth, always buckle innovation to create this main line. From the perspective of cultural strength, if there is a cultural spirit, the ability, mentality, the construction of the most distinctive and fundamental main line, that is, innovation creation.

This is because innovation creation is the essence of culture, and culture is the most innovative area. Building a socialist culture, there must be innovative and creative cultural spirit, cultural capabilities, and cultural attitude and cultural image of innovation and creation.

For our solid country construction, innovation creation is the first motivation in our cultural map strong. It is both a cultural spirit that we must always have to continue, and we must continue to improve cultural capabilities. It is also a cultural attitude we must plant in the whole society, which is the cultural image of contemporary China we should show.

  In recent years, our party has repeatedly emphasized the central location of innovation in the overall development of the national development, so that all the work of innovation runs through the party and the country, repeatedly emphasizing the key meaning of innovation and creation in cultural development, and it is necessary to promote the innovation and creation of the source Fully inherited.

In the 19th National Congress of the Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "To adhere to the road of socialist cultural development of Chinese characteristics, stimulate the national cultural innovation and create vitality, building a socialist culture.

"" The contemporary Chinese Communists and Chinese people should be able to take new cultural mission, and create cultural creations in practice creation, and achieve cultural progress in historical progress! "In the process of promoting the construction of strong country of socialist culture, in the process of promoting cultural spirit, capabilities, mentality, and image overall construction, we should always adhere to innovation as the main line, run through it. This main line is strengthened, both socialism The intrinsic requirements of cultural strong country construction are also the key to enhancing the spirit of cultural spirit, capabilities, mentality, and image construction.

  Of course, we will promote the construction of strong socialist cultural powers. In terms of inheritance, we must focus on promoting the overall construction of cultural spirit, ability, mentality, and image. In addition, we must always adhere to economic, political, cultural, social, ecological construction. Coordination of the "Five One" Overall Layout. The cultural power we have to build is an aspect of socialist modernization, and the overall layout of the "five-in one" overall layout, jointly build the overall situation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which also enables cultural powers to build strong substances Basic, political security and social conditions. The construction of cultural strong countries is only "uniform" "empowerment" in terms of socialist modern power, and has "pad base" in other aspects of socialist modern power. This is also the overall performance of our cultural strength, clear understanding and grasping.

  (The author is a deputy secretary, professor of the Party Committee of Wuhan University.