Thursday, June 1

The eighth shocho chorus is held at Taiwan

People’s Daily Online, October 5 (Reporter Chen Yuan, Wang Lianwei) held a award concert at the 8th Straits of Hualien, held in Hualien, Taiwan, from Xinjiang’s "Tianshan Bailing Female Choir" and other three teams Adult Gold Award, Hualien Taiping Primary School Choir and other two groups have received children’s group gold prizes.

There is also the "Henan Provincial Teacher Choir / Sunshine College Choir" and Shandong Art College Music Academy Youth Choir; "Suzhou Xiaoli Choir" shared the gold medal of children’s groups with friends of Baodao .

This selection festival was hosted by the Chinese Musician Association, Fuzhou Municipal Government and Hualien County Government, which attracted more than 1200 participation in the strait two sides of the strait, including 14 mainland teams and 7 Taiwan teams.

It is understood that this seeding festival invited the famous composers, commanders, singingists and music evaluers, and the overall level of the chorus, the choices and spiritual features also put forward higher and more specific requirements, participating teams. They are selection, with high music literacy.

Xinjiang Normal University Music Academy "Tianshan Baing Female Teacher Choir" consists of 26 members of many nations such as Han, Uygur, Kazakh, and returning. This recovery track is like a prosecution of "Remaining Qin" and The enthusiastic "Fire Dance", the final track is "the night of the mountain" and "I am always separated from a river". Xinjiang Master’s loud music teacher Ai Xiamu · The gorge is a member of the choir. This is the first time to come to Baodao Taiwan to sing. She said that the chorus can bring me a strong sense of collectiveness. Under the inspection of art, all nations are closely connected as seven hiking, lacking any songs that cannot be enriched into enrichment. Ye Xiaogang, chairman of the Chinese Musician Association, said that the chorus is the artistic expression of the general public, and the songs that each singer uses a hot emotion, the songs of art and love, such chorus competitions can enhance the emotions of cross-strait compatriots And cultural exchanges. Guo Meng, the chairman of the Taiwan Straits of the Taiwan Strait of the Taiwan Strait, said that the chorus festival, built the exchange platform, lending the song, and lending the game, lending the three-strait chorus, accumulating successful experience, is all the way I have never changed the wish. This selection also specially arranged interactive exhibitions of old chorus and children’s chorus.

In addition, the organizer will also carry out two gold medal performances in Taichung City, Xinbei City, and invited Dalian Art College male chorus, Beijing Police Officer Hall and other previous gold medal teams to participate.

Since 2008, the Chai Festival in the Strait of the Strait is in the two places in Yusai, and will be held in Fuzhou next session.