Thursday, June 1

The Qinghai Provincial Fire Rescue Corps revolves around "three focus" practice "I do practical things for the masses"

Since the development of the party history, the Qinghai Provincial Fire Rescue Corps focuses that the war worker is concerned, focusing on the service, focusing on the protection of care, in-depth promotion "I do practical things for the masses", intention, use, and force to solve a batch for the masses Urgent problems, high quality strict standards promote party history learning education and walk deeply. Focusing on the arms concerned, solving a hurry. The team reflects a strong hot problem around the grassroots, and continuously promotes the landing of the war, coordinating the three public provinces governments to resolve the war in the turnover of the war, and effectively solve the worries of the war; establish a talent communication mechanism for Qinghai Normal University, and hold a pre-test policy interpretation Will, concentrate the counseling class, and build a favorable platform for the battle for warfare; 1294 government full-time players, fire clerks are allocated, and the work certificates are greatly improved, and the government’s full-time players, the fire clerk professional honor, the belonging Founded around the base unit infrastructure and equipment construction bottleneck, concentrated procurement of 6 fire engines, 24 multi-function service guarantee vehicles, 7 categories 75 sets of high cutting-edge fire fighting equipment, and more than 4,000 sets of equipment equipment, supplement Qi team equipment construction short board; distributed 50 oxygen equipment and related plateau special drugs to high altitude regions, and comprehensively improve the level of Queenses in the cold area.

Focus on behalf of the people, do a warm heart. The team focuses on the principle of the people, set up a "24-hour convenience service station" in 76 fire rescue stations in the province, place the express cabinet, water dispenser, handbag, charger, pump, first aid kit, sphygmomanometer, and simple tools. The civil facilities, in the duty preparation, the ability to provide convenience services for the masses of the jurisdiction; the joint industry classification of key industries such as state education, civil affairs, Weijian, cultural relics, grades the field meeting, promotion demonstration creation experience, and effectively break the industry Barriers, facilitating the masses; organizing the teams at all levels to carry out the "Dreams of Messages", and the Fighters will recognize the "mental wish" of the resident teachers and students, trying to "round dreams"; with important time nodes, river cleaning, donation Help, free blood donation, visiting condolences, epidemic prevention and control, etc.

Focus on care protection, do a real service article.

Expand the range of "integration into the ride", the joint Qinghai Provincial Party Committee will incorporate fire-fighting knowledge education into the civil servant training system, cultural scientific and technological health "three towns" content, successively 16 times on the Qinghai Provincial Party School Zhongqingban, Provincial People’s Defense, Agricultural Countryside, The judiciary, civil affairs, people and other units launched fire safety training, comprehensively enhance the awareness of fire safety safety; "Qinghai Province’s fire safety publicity and education" five into the "Qinghai Province Fire Safety Propaganda Education", guiding various enterprises and institutions, social groups The organization has solidly promoted the "five-way" work of fire safety publicity and education, and constructs a social long-acting mechanism for fire protection and publicity work; with the "safety production month" "11 · 9" "safety production month", it is planned to carry out 18 theme fire protection activities, and built 10 fire-fighting theme parks in the province, 17 fire cultural streets, laid a solid foundation for improving fire protection coverage and influence; continued to deepen "venting service" reform, and promote the public The fire safety info commitment of the gathering place, simplifies the fire-fighting administrative license approval process, shortens the approval time limit, and publicly consult the phone, implement the "telephone appointment" and does not see the approval service, let the data "running road", the masses "less running leg", the masses Happiness, the feeling is significantly improved.

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