Thursday, June 1

Three comments "Baidu is dead?" 2: Interconnection, how can the cornerstone

Objective, whether "let people get the information, find the information, find what the" Iron is "iron-headed e-commerce" from Hangzhou Lake, or doing instant messaging software Tencent, the company’s achievements are not easy to make historical contributions to China into the world’s Internet big country. Because of this, they got honors, win recognition, the Party Central Committee, and the State Council also awarded the title of reform pioneer, and awarded the reform pioneer medal. But there is a big look, bigger is more responsible. A firm and clear development strategy, must not forget the social responsibility, the higher level of industries, is an important support from the Internet companies. From the development of enterprises, there is no more than the marginal expansion, and it is necessary to "have something to do".

Open the investment layout of the giants, e-commerce, medical health, automobile traffic, and takeaway express delivery, etc., but internal corruption, institutional bloated, repeated investment, low efficiency, bureaucratic, etc. are also shaped. Capital is not universal, with its boundless expansion, is not as good as the blade, and do a good job in the optimization of the core product.

From the perspective of industry development, use the market advantage to expand, even thus forming capital hegemony, giant monopoly, need to be highly vigilant. Consolidate the status of its own advantage, and treat competition can not understand, but use advantageous status to suppress innovation, it is damaged market fairness.

Sharing bicycle, takeaway, online shopping, finance, etc., there is no exception, eventually become the battlefield for giants.

If you use the logic logic, it is harmful to a benign competitive environment, which is not conducive to the full surge and long-term development of innovation. Of course, some people will say that the capital is very profitable, the market competition itself is cruel, and it is a normal state. But the competition should also pay attention to the way, what is worth encouraging, what must be prohibited, vague.

Benign competition is by no means relying on capital deterrence, borderless expansion, artificially established barriers, but to fall in high quality product service.

From the Wei Zhi West incident, to the bloody disease, the incident is sold, and then there is false information, the iteration of the business model, the increase in product type, but has brought the decline in product quality.

If it is therefore lost, the user’s trust is lost, and it is disappeared in the punishment of the regulatory authorities.

Some experts have analyzed that the search engine is Internet information navigation in the PC era. Now, the single search engine is greatly reduced as a traffic entry. In order to have a large enough user in the information flow field, the search engine that has had huge entrance traffic has to consider making "numbers", forcibly weaving content ecology, and force traffic.

Among them, there is Baidu’s helpless, but it also illustrates Baidu no seize the transfer, play the technical advantage, and develop a new generation of search engines for the mobile Internet era, or to create an open client alliance, but self "dropped", trapped Do "号", the result is self-discharge "martial art". It can be said that the Baidu event exposes the collective problem facing the current Internet giant development: Distant, selectively shield competitors.

This behavior is shaking the root of the Internet to interconnect this Internet.

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