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Too old highway: carrying out a dream out of Taihang

  Original title: [Look at China · Shanxi] Too Old Expressway: Carrying out the dream to save the Taihang stunned, close to the front, the scenery of the road is quickly flashing on the side of the car, and the mountain is in the rearview mirror It is getting farther away.

All the way to the east, pulled the car, Liu Feng slowly drove out the Taihang Mountain.

  "Driving hard, but the benefits are not bad, but also the loan of the big car, remove all kinds of expenses, can still fall down to 10,000 pieces every month." Talk to the "car" income, Liu Feng’s face write Full of smile. Liu Feng is the villagers in Wangjiazhuang Village, Guanshan Town, Pingding County, Yangquan City. Although only 41 years old this year, Liu Feng witnessed the Tanjun of the mountains and visited the earth.

  People say that Shanxi is good scenery, the left hand refers to Lu Liang, the right hand refers to the Taihang … The good scenery, the rugged road of the mountain road has become a true portrayal in the Jindong area.

The road is difficult to restrict the development of the economy. "There is only 307 national highways in the province in the east, and often traffic jams. It is a dozens of miles, and it is not rare in three or five days.

"Remind the past, the long" Changlong "of the traffic jam is deeply imprisoned in the mind of Liu Feng," At that time, in addition to the land and in the city, there was no way to make money.

"Have a few acres of Wills at home, look at the tip of the top of the village.

Liu Feng and Shi Shi lived in the people of Wangjiazhuang Village. He poor generations of generations, bitter generations, but it is always difficult to get out of the mountain.

  In 1993, the provincial party committee and the provincial government muddle the province’s people multi-funded fundraising nearly 3 billion yuan, playing tunnels in Taihang Mountain, rack bridge, and started construction of the province’s first highway – Tai Old Expressway.

The Taiyuan Expressway is from the provincial capital of the provincial capital, and the east is 144 kilometers east of the provincial border. It is 122 kilometers to walk in the hinterland of the Taihang Mountain. Overcoming a number of difficulty and difficulties, on June 25, 1996, the Tai Old Expressway is open to traffic, not only three years of work, but also obtained the Supreme Quality Award Issued by the Ministry of Construction – "Luban Award" . The completion of the old highway has fundamentally improves the traffic conditions in our province. Opening the East Gate, close the distance from Shanxi and Beijing, so that the province’s road and Jingshi, Jingjin Tang Expressway are closely connected, effective Promoted the significant growth in trade volume in our province, promoted the rapid development of Shanxi, and opened up a way to Shanxi, hoping road.

  Lu Tong, there are many villages along the way, engaged in logistics, driving and delivery into the "good business" in the eyes.

Looking at the villagers in the same village driving when the driver gave a "first bucket of gold", Liu Feng also took a driver’s license.

  "I have been doing a few years, I have got some money, I bought this big car last year. I have given it to others. Now I have given yourself." I took the boss, Liu Feng’s joy was overflowed.

  The director of the Wangjiazhuang Village Committee, Ren Jianhua, told reporters that the establishment of the Taiyang Expressway, completely activated the mountain village for many years, from the beginning, many villagers drove the driver to run, and now many people "raise" transport vehicles, engineering vehicles, Now the Old Expressway has already become rich in the village.

  According to statistics, from January to March this year, the export passage of Taijing Expressway is more than 1.17 million times, and the entrance is more than 2.17 million times, which is an important entry and exit channel in our province. In the past 25 years, the Old Expressway has become an important link between the province to contact social production, distribution, exchange and consumption, and also witnessed the rapid development of the province’s social economy in recent years. In the rearview mirror, the continued Taihang Mountain slowly incorporates the skyline, the big truck continues to fly forward, and Liu Feng has more dreams of Liu Feng more rich. (Reporter Su Xiaochen).