Tuesday, January 31

Vanke internal issued "Squatting Sweeping"

  In the second half of this year, the property market has remarkably cools. Since July, the sales scale of commercial housing in the country has declined for three consecutive months. Vanke, who once shouted, once again blowing the knot, prepared for the horn of the winter, according to a network file display, November 16, Vanke’s internal issuance of "About Wanke Group Headquarters Headquarters and Its Initiative ", Proposing the way to transform the inertial thinking of the golden age, run through the business philosophy, and do the requirements for subtraction, spending money, etc.

The initiative document has been confirmed by the people of Vanke.

  In order to reduce unnecessary expenses, Vanke requires management to step by example, diligence and saving, and eliminating waste. For example, according to the expenditial principles of the expenditure, the travel travel, people walk off the lights.

At the same time, avoid internal interaction overcrostation, refuse unnecessary transfer, banquet or companion, etc., eliminate the first-line unit to give the headquarters gift or special product.

  Vanke puts forward, in practice, the job responsibilities and work belonging to employees, never faked by partners or suppliers, reducing unnecessary cost expenditures, leading to loss of self-professional ability. Evaluate the necessity of working in the work, refused to use the handkerchief and the second hand, eliminate only a surface article and paper talk.

  Vanke requires employees to look down, sink, understand the difficulties of business, and help the first line to solve the problem. Work attention can not just just the implementation level, how to focus, and is responsible for the quality of the process. At the 2021 business communication meeting, the President of the Vanke Group has shown that the views of the real estate industry have repeatedly mentioned that they should cherish the money, earn small money, and have passed the industry’s pain period to meet the future of the future.

  On November 3, Vanke released sales data showed that the total contract sales area was 10,000 square meters from January to October, a year-on-year declined by 100 million yuan, a year-on-year decline. In October month, Vanke realizes the contract sales of billions, a year-on-year decline.

  From the actual profitability, Vanke, Vanke for the first three quarters, has a year-on-year growth rate; realization of net profit billions of shareholders belonging to listed companies, a year-on-year reduction of 16%. A few days ago, Vanke Release Announcement, the Board of Directors applied to the shareholders’ meeting to issue direct debt financing tools within the scope of no more than 30 billion yuan.

In addition to the fundraising, the funds are used to meet the needs of Vanke production and operation, and the diversified transformation business such as the debt structure, the long-term rental apartment, the logistics real estate, the industrial park, and the older residential situation is the main direction.