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Primary and junior high school new textbooks

Original title: Primary and junior high school new students use the Chinese history new textbook first grade children reading system electronic version of the Chinese new textbook reporter Hu Dongdong photo (intern Xu Yanbai Raini) Wuhan primary and middle school students will open a new school year on September 1. From the fall of this year, the first-year, seventh grade and eighth grade of Wuhan City, the establishment of the resolution (hereinafter referred to as the censored version), the history of the rule of law, the new textbook, the first year, the seventh grade use New textbook. Language: After the spent language, after learning the outstanding traditional culture in September, Wuhan Compulsory Education Section will unify the use of the textbooks, no longer use the E-education language materials. Compared with the past, the number of ecliptic textbooks selected by the textbooks in the contemplation, and the genre is diverse. The primary school has 129 ancient poetry. There are 132 in the middle of the junior high school, including ancient poetry, such as "Mulan poem" Yinnong ".

There are also some classical texts, such as "Yugong Shan", "Teacher Table", "Juvenile China said (excerpt)."

The topic of the teaching materials, arranged the traditional cultural content of the traditional cultural content, the idioms, proverbs, restraint, Mongolian reading, so that the students were influenced by the excellent traditional culture while accumulating the language.

Looking at the first grade of the textbook, Jianghan District Air Road Primary School Chinese Teacher Luo Wei said that the most obvious change in teaching materials is to learn the simple Chinese characters such as "God" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

This will make the children’s first impression of the language is not a letter ABC, and they are more likely to fall in love with Chinese text. "For the ‘zero-foundation’ child who has not been taken by young, first recognizes the words and learn the pinyin, and there will be no effect on the acceptance." Moral and Rule Treatment: The sixth grade and eighth grade books are teaching the constitutional code of the Ethics and the rule of law. The teaching materials pay attention to the outstanding traditional cultural education, introducing the traditional festival, folk songs, traditional virtues, national spirit, ancient brilliant technology achievements, and improve students. The intimacy and feelings of China’s outstanding traditional culture, guide students to feel their own growth and Chinese culture, and enhance cultural confidence. In terms of revolutionary traditional education, new textbooks attach importance to cultivating students from the emotions of the motherland, cherishing the history of the motherland.

In terms of the rule of law education, organic integration into the rule of law, paying attention to cultivating the awareness of the rule of law, according to the requirements of the Party’s 18th Plenary Session "Establishing the Legal Knowledge Courses in Primary and Secondary Schools, set the second grade and junior high school eighth grade book to the rule of law. Educational book, concentrated on constitution, strengthen systemicity. The textbooks of the other volumes combine the relevant content to disperse embedding, ensuring that the rule of law education is always connected throughout the process. Primary school involves more than 30 laws and regulations, junior high school involves more than 50 laws and regulations, 6 regulations and judicial interpretations.

History: The system introduces the historical textbook of the history of the Chinese nation’s modern struggle. China’s outstanding traditional cultural education is fully reflected in the ancient Chinese history. More than 40 celebrities, more than 30 scientific and cultural works. At the same time, the history new textbook system for the total number of college students has introduced the history of the Chinese nation, highlighting the history of the establishment and continuous development of the Communist Party of China, and the Chinese Communist Party has been in the new democratic revolution, the socialist revolution and the construction period and the reform and opening up. The decisive role in the new period of socialist construction is fully described. In addition, the new historical textbooks also include national unity education and international understanding of education, and pay great attention to strengthen national sovereignty awareness and marine awareness education.

Science: From the first grade, we will develop scientific exploration spirit. According to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Education, from this semester, the beginning of the primary school scientific curriculum is adjusted to the first grade. In principle, the primary school is first, the second grade should follow the hourly less than 1 class per week. Arrange courses, three to six grades remain unchanged. Jiang Ting, a primary school science teacher, Jiang’an District, introduced that after the adjustment Guide students to develop the spirit of interest and scientific exploration of scientific knowledge from the first grade. (Reporter Liu Jia) (Editor: Wu Siyi (intern), Shenning) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.