Wednesday, May 31

Scientific diagnosis and reasonable medication

Expert Profile Zhou Hui, Chief Physician of the Rehabilitation Department of the Second Hospital of Huaxi, Sichuan University. Member of the Pediatrics Association of Chinese Medical Association; community commissioning of the Sichuan Medical Association Pediatrics; Member of the Sichuan Rehabilitation Medical Association Pediatric Rehabilitation Professional Committee; Chengdu Disease Control Center prevention expert.

Fang Luo, Chief Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, Affiliated Children’s Hospital, Zhejiang University Medical College, Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College.

Member of the Ministry of Pharmacy of Children’s Pharmaceuticals of the National Health and Entrance Administration; a member of the Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Group of Pharmaceutical Special Committee of the Chinese Medicine Association; The full name of ADHD is "Attention DeficitiPeractivityDisorder, ADHD", is a disease that is not concentrated and excessive activity.

ADHD is common in preschool and school-age children, but 60% ~ 80% of the symptoms of children will continue to adolescence, and% will continue until adulthood.

This means that with the growth of the child, the behavior caused by the proximalism gives the child, the psychological changes may affect the child’s life.

Therefore, many experts will call: facing AdHd to scientifically, reasonable medication. However, in the treatment of this disease, many parents have questions about ADHD treatment methods, how to choose treatment? Welcome to the live broadcast.

How to ask questions and watch live: 1. Download the people’s good doctor app, enter the "Demonstration Live" column for questions.