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Sanya Cliffs: Borrowing the "Technology" rejuvenation

Respecting the teacher, Yazhou District, Sanya commends a number of 2020 excellent educators. The propaganda department of Yazhou District Committee, Sanya City, for the map of the environmental protection, "the big" Guardian "of the country" Guardian Yin Mountain "Ecological Environment Protection is the Basic Condition of the" Big ", the basic conditions of the construction of the free trade port, to attach great importance to the ecological environment Governance. "For the ecological protection work of Yazhou, the Majong Red Position of the Yazhou District Party Committee is very clear. Combined with rural people’s environmental remediation work, Yazhou played a series of "combined fists" to guard the green water. Governing rural black yards, Yazhou District has practically grasped rural source, facial source, internal pollution prevention and control, according to "control source cutting, dredging dredging, open source water", "ecological repair, long-acting management" always think Accelerate the promotion of black odor water remediation and sewage collection and treatment, so that the long-term "governing" long-term clearing, comprehensively enhances the quality of rural water. "We have already foundated the problems and quantities of rural sewage treatment, and the rectification plan has been introduced to ensure that domestic sewage is effectively handled or resource utilization, eliminating the clogging of pipelines, black odor water, sewage in villages, and sewage flow. Strive for next year Our rural sewage treatment rate can reach 90%, walk in the forefront of the province. "Ma Yuhong said.

The Datong Reservoir in Yazhou District, known as "Sanya’s Water Tower", undertakes important water supply tasks, protecting drinking water resources to Yazhou’s significance. In order to do this, Yazhou launched a centralized render of the centralized drinking water source in the whole zone.

It is planned to complete Dalong, and the area of ??reserves the reserves of the reserve of the ancient reservoir is closed before 2022. In addition, combined with the beautiful rural construction, Yazhou will also increase construction and protection of rivers, coastlines, wind-proof forests in the jurisdiction, and ensure that the ecological environment of Yazhou will only become better and cannot be varied.

Look at the culture "live" to create ancient city tourism development new state here is Huang Dao Po to improve the innovative textile skills, and learn the foothold of Simid East, leaving Tang Yan Xiang Li Deyu, patriotic Ming Ji Hu Yu, the Northern Song Dynasty Ludoson and other historical celebrity footprints.

Homico, civilized door, Welcome Tower, etc. However, these high-quality cultural resources have not been well developed for a long time.

"We now also want to put these resources, under the premise of protecting," Ma Yonghong revealed that there is a difficult closure of "tourism rice", and Yazhou is actively planning industries. , Promote the perfection of people’s livelihood infrastructure.

Create a new state of the ancient city tourism development.

In terms of project construction, Yazhou is related to the implementation of the three-year action implementation plan for the implementation of the three-year action in Sanya City Planning and Construction Management, and further improves the top design, planning a batch of infrastructure. Minsheng projects and industrial projects, ecological projects, innovation improvement, guaranteed from the system level, ensuring management and construction, and forming long-acting management institutional mechanisms. In addition, Cliffs District will drive a comprehensive improvement and upgrading. Through the creation of national national tourism demonstration zones, accelerate the development of the ancient city, the development of Diganshan Development and Yazhou Center, with the core of Yazhou ancient city, the two 5A-level scenic spots in Nanshan, the large and small hole days are the pillars, radiation to Baiping Village and other rural tourism . Developing parent-child research department, developing parent-child research department with Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Cliff City, and Ocean Exploration. Building a comprehensive service state seafood market, develop the "night economy" "summer economy". Yazhou District will also introduce social capital to participate in the ancient city protection development and utilization in accordance with the concept of government planning and enterprise participation.

Constructing an international wedding town in Mei Xianjiao Bay, explore the construction of a film and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television and television Jianshan Scenic Area Tourism Shopping Center, high-quality development of Yazhou characteristic literary products. Promote multi-language tourism identification sign and tourism toilet construction, regularly organize tourism promotion meetings, greatly enhance the visibility of Yazhou tourism brand, and build Yazhou into a tourist highland.

In the next five years, Yazhou District should basically form a new high-level open-ended economic system. The total annual increase of the total annual increase of more than 10%, urban and rural residents can dominate, ecological environmental protection is in the forefront of the city, the people’s livelihood, the degree of civilization The modernization of social governance has increased significantly. "It is necessary to build Jiezhou’s initial construction of technology, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, culture, tourism, education, etc. ‘six highlands’.

"Say the future of Yazhou, Ma Yonghong confidence is full. Sun and moon, fighting star shift.

The Ningyuan River flowing thousands of years, witnessed the wings of the "Technology" of the Town of the Millennium Town, rejuvenating new vitality.

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