Wednesday, May 31

Shanxi Province launches special governance of dining options

  Original title: You must not use the LNG Duwar bottle, the table will not use gas stove [implementation of safety responsibility to promote safety development] Our province has launched a special governance of the dining options, and the provincial government security committee office issued "on the use of gas in all provinces Notice of the Special Governance Action of Citors and LNG Duwa Bottlement, decided to start from all kinds of business dining options in the province from all kinds of operating dining options in the province from now until July 30, all kinds of food restaurants and LNG Duwar bottles Governance action. According to the special governance action arrangement, all dining options must not be used to use propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other heating card furnaces and other gas stoves; all food and beverage places may not be used to use LNG Duwar bottles. If the relevant regulations continue to be used, the relevant departments of the land county-level people’s government are seriously processed.

The relevant departments of the governments at all levels must urge the gas production and operation units to supply a propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas to the dining table; the hazardous chemicals and gas production enterprises will not supply LNG Du Du to diet The tiles, violation of the relevant regulations continue to supply, should be seriously investigated.

  Special governance action adopted provincial-level co-ordination arrangements, municipal key supervision and inspection, county-level comprehensive organization implementation, and dining options were carried out in the way. All municipal, county government security committees have combined to actually develop the implementation plan of the region, and organize the supervision and inspection in a timely manner, study significant problems in the special governance action; each dining spot should follow "Who is responsible, who is responsible, who cleales" The principle of setting the table, the table, the table, the table must not use the gas cooktop and dining options to use the LNG Dewar bottle special governance action plan, organize expertise for comprehensive investigation and cleanup. (Reporter Zhang Yi).