Thursday, June 1

Research and deploy high quality development work in Guizhou education

This newspaper (Reporter Li Xuexi) On July 9, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Li Bingjun presided over the provincial government’s special meeting, listening to the report of the education reform and development of the province, studying the high quality development work of education. Provincial Leaders Li Zi Yong, Lu Yi Zheng, Guo Xiwen, Chen Wei attended the meeting. The meeting pointed out that education is the people’s livelihood, the relationship is related to thousands of households, and the relationship is related to high quality development. The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to education. In recent years, the province’s education has achieved significant achievements, and made an important contribution to the harmonization of the poverty of poverty. But compared with the needs of high quality development in economics and society compared to the expectation of the people, the development of education in our province has no small gap.

It is necessary to put education in the strategic location of the priority development. As a result of the overall basic project, we will make greater determination. Through perseverance efforts, run the people’s satisfactory education, providing intelligence support for the province’s economic and social high quality development and Talent guarantee. The meeting emphasized that the overall planning, system development of the idea, goals and initiatives of the provincial education reform and development, surrounding the "four new" "four chemistry" deployment, fully considering the population flow of urbanization, rural rejuvenation, industrial development, etc. Ensure the scientific layout of education resources and efficient configuration. It is necessary to adhere to the classification of policy, closely focus on improving the core goals of the human being subject to education, and further increase the supply of educational resources, focus on the pre-school education, compulsory education, high school education, vocational education, higher education development bottleneck constraints, improve each level Level education development level. It is necessary to make a careful education funding, which must guarantee the development needs of education. It is also necessary to firmly establish a "tight day" consciousness and use limited funds on the blade.

It is necessary to deepen comprehensive reform in the education, improve the system and management mechanisms, and integrate the resources of all parties to form a powerful synergy to promote education. All levels of departments should be responsible, closely collaborate, and actively take the initiative to make greater contributions to promoting high quality development.

Zhang Ping, secretary general of the Provincial Government, and the relevant departments of the provincial departments attended the meeting. (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.