Wednesday, May 31

Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau: Plays the "teaching materials" of revolutionary cultural relics to talk about the story of party history

This newspaper (Reporter Guo Qing) Since the beginning of this year, the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau adheres to "two-hand arrest" in the process of conducting party history education, one-handed grasping directly under the system, through the central group study, holding a reading class, visiting the revolutionary site and other forms , Learning the party history, understanding of the idea, announce the six "I have a practical thing for the public" activities "activities to the public, promote the implementation of practical things, open a new bureau; first-handed revolutionary cultural relics resources to serve the province, Safeguarding the Education of Party History.

There are 1224 unmovable revolutionary cultural relics in our province, 40,703 (set) can be moved by revolutionary cultural relics, 76 revolutionary venues, is the witness of the honor and history of the party and the people, and also carry out the vivid textbooks of party history education.

Our province’s system planning revolutionary cultural relics, "Shaanxi Provincial" 14th Five-Year "Cultural Relics Development Plan" sets revolutionary cultural relics columns, "Shaanxi Provincial" 14th Five-Year "Museum’s Business Development Plan" set a revolutionary memorial hall. On the basis of increasing the preparation of revolutionary cultural relics, the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau will guide the city and counties according to their own situation, strengthen the revolutionary cultural relics protection management agency and staff, and the revolutionary cultural relics work has been significantly enhanced; integrate colleges, research institutes and other research power, Formation of "Shaanxi Revolutionary Cultural Relics Protection and Utilization Experts", providing intellectual support for revolutionary cultural relics; signing the "National Social Science Research Project Research Project Cooperation Agreement", focusing on the establishment of revolutionary cultural relics Develop bottlenecks, jointly issued revolutionary cultural relics protection and utilization; continuously promote the reform of the Council System of Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Eighth Route Army Xi’an Office Memorial Hall, Xi’an Incident Memorial Hall absorbed expert scholars, relevant industry departments, social service objects participate in the management and supervision of the memorial hall, effectively improved Revolutionary Memorial Management Service Level. Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau joint promotion, party history research, education and other departments, play the advantages of their respective industries, together with the protection of revolutionary cultural relics, show Chen, connotation excavation, cultural communication. The Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and the Provincial Party Bureau, the Provincial Party History Research Department, the Provincial Retired Military Affairs Department jointly issued the "Notice on the Function of Red Resources in Party History Education", announced 69 free open revolutionary commemorative venues And the Provincial Party Propaganda Department and the Provincial Party Survey Research Office "For the People’s Missing for the National People’s Rejuvenation – Shaanxi Province celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China"; Guided Completed the Basic Exhibition of Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial "Great Course – The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has enhanced projects in Yan’an Thirteen Years, guiding all China Museum, and the Memorial Hall held 21 the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

As of the end of August, the province’s revolutionary site, the number of memorials visited by 5.5 million.

The Revolution Memorial walked into the campus, party and government organs, communities, military camps, rural, and more than 400 times, more than 400 people’s story, more than 400 people, more than 400 people’s story, more than 40,000 people. Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau expands revolutionary cultural communication methods, select 100 memorial halls, formerly site, launching "Red Flag Roof-Shaanxi Revolutionary Old Site Clouds; Taking the Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army Xi’an Office, building Shaanxi" Internet + Revolutionary Cultural Relics " Educational Platform Line Experience Center; Qingliang Mountain, the revolutionary site of the Northwest Bureau of the Central Committee, relying on the old site kiln hole, builds youth research, cadre training base, has received more than 600 batchs of more than 600 batchs.

The method of innovating revolutionary cultural relics and large and medium-sized school students in the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, the Joint Provincial Education Work Committee established the "Shaanxi University Revolutionary Culture Inheritance Alliance", jointly organized the province’s "The first lesson of revolutionary cultural relics", United The 9th unit of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee held the "Party’s Story I speaking – to fight the red scarf small speech" competition, the revolutionary cultural relics as a party history learning education carrier is further placed.