Thursday, June 1

Party members’ education must "go deep"

As an important part of the grassroots party organization, party members education affects the strength of the party members’ team, and does not have the strong or not of the grassroots foundation. In particular, the grassroots first-line party members, more people, involving many fields, doing a good job in their education and training, is a key difficulty in the work of party members. To do a good job in the education management of the new era, build a belief firm, reliable political, good quality, strict discipline, and all levels of party organizations must "go to heart, deeper".

"Working" in content.

Party members’ education and training are the basic work of the party’s construction, and party organizations at all levels should study their hearts, and make the training content more in line with grassroots party members.

To force the formalism, you can’t simply take a copy. The upper and lower is generally thick, there is no thousands of articles, there is no self-character; it is necessary to force the bureaucracy, and cannot be transferred to the grassroots. In the education and training content, party organizations at all levels should bear the responsibility, carefully study planning, closely combined with their own reality, refine the task books, timetables, roadmaps, timetables, roadmaps of local local members’ education and training, and must be ideological and political education However, there must be business training suitable for the grassroots level of the organ, rural, non-public enterprises; there must be part of the party’s purpose education, but also have skill knowledge training; it is necessary to strictly implement the spirit of the superior policy, but also integrate local unit characteristics , Reflect ideological and time, practicality and practicality.

It is necessary to "put" during the education process. Carrying out party members should pay attention to effectiveness, effectively enhance targeted and effectiveness, and resolutely prevent formism.

At present, some grassroots party organizations have random, surfaceized, and fragmentation in educational content, according to the decommissioning, form monotonous; some are just general, the participating party members have not been touched; some puts organize and learn as a simple "specified action ", With the actual phase of solving the problem of party members’ thoughts." Over time, party members lost "interests" on learning education.

Party organizations at all levels must be robust to party members to learn education. In strict implementation of system, innovative approach, and actively explore new ways such as WeChat, networks, using popular hot words and video, animation, etc., entertaining Le, entertaining, not only makes learning education strict, there is strength, but also to live, have temperature, let the education content is grounded, party members can understand, learn, let education, party members can understand Decree.

It is necessary to adhere to the effectiveness of education and enhance education effectiveness against different industries, different cultural levels, different ages, different ages.

Of course, the form is flexible is not "entertaining", and it is not a "vulgarization" that is pregnant, but the interaction of the interaction is based on the effectiveness and connotation of party sex education experience. It is necessary to "deeper" on the best of the knowledge. "The paper is very shallow, and you must do it."

Practice is the only standard for testing truth, and party members accept education management results ultimately to test through practice.

A party member is a banner, and every party must "go deep" in practice the party’s purpose.

To guide each party, especially party members, leading cadres, learning, practical, doing, thinking, thinking to usually work, giving me a great practice to serve the people, bravely exploring, courageous Head, do a giant for action.

Incentive every party member does not have a position, regardless of the professional "expensive", regardless of the age size, must firmly establish a party work, awareness of the party’s dedication, consciously practice new ideas, adapt to the new era, show new.

Require each party member, wherever, should we want the masses to think, urgency, to solve the people’s trap, become the intimate people of the masses, let the masses "praise" . (Li Jiaojiao) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia).