Thursday, June 1

Part of the country to revitalize and practice

At present, the implementation of rural resolution strategy, comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages, realizing all the people together, we need to have a good service, need to have excellent young cadres to access the relay stick, join the main battlefield, solidly build a work industry, serve the people, grow in the people This lead, it is struggling, continuous struggle, and practice the life. Practicing the life is responsible for performance. In the process of deep entry into the first-line work, we must be accepted and trust by the grassroots people.

In the face of complex and arduous work, the party members and cadres must dare to think, dare to try, dare, and what should be done, and the responsibility is not dangerous.

Practicing the life, it is necessary to do it.

Practice is the only standard for testing truth, everyone must continue to explore, precipitate in practice.

Party members and cadres should seriously treat grassroots work, we must fully understand the countryside. In the first line of the grassroots level, you can ask the old comrades to ask for the old comrades, and ask the people to take into account the actual situation of the people in the decision, and get the support and support of the people. Practicing the life, you have to do a heart. The young cadres must "journey long, only struggle." The vastness of the village can be available, with a young power to join. The more the party members and cadres, the more they go deep into the grassroots level. The more you pay attention to the initiative of the initial mission, and use the act of acting as a responsibility to let the people in the hearts of the people, and strengthen the skills, and participate in the rural resulin.

Party members and cadres must know heavy weight, long time is successful, create a new performance of history in the rural revitalization! (Guo Qigu).