Monday, January 30

Tianshui City signed 58 projects in Lan Chamber

Original title: Tianshui City signed 58 projects in Lan Chamber, on July 9, Lan Qianhui Tianshui City Investment Promotion Project Promotion Conference and Signing Ceremony held in Lanzhou.Mashanglin, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial People’s Congress, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Wang Rui, secretary of Tianshui Municipal Party Committee, attended the signing ceremony.During the Lan Dynasty, Tianshui City contracted the high-end equipment industrial park, OLED carrier project, Xingung Education town, Sunshine new energy plurality of complementary integrated ecological applications, rural revitalization tourism projects and other provincial investment contract project 58Total, total investment billion.

In the signing project, 23 modern industrial projects, total investment billions; 8 modern agricultural projects, total investment billion yuan; 5 cultural tourism projects, total investment billion yuan; 16 modern service projects, total investment billion yuan; infrastructure6 items, total investment billion yuan.Introduce 11 "500" enterprises, including 5 world top 500 companies, 1 500 companies in China, 5 private 500 companies.

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