Wednesday, May 31

Tongcheng equipment manufacturing industry: upgrade scale to automated intelligence

Since this year, on one side of Tongcheng City, a number of leading leadership enterprises, and aim at home and abroad, promote the innovation and development of core basic components, and further consolidate the industrial basis of equipment manufacturing.

In Tongcheng Economic Development Zone Shuangyin Industrial Park Anhui Nine Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Production workshop, 3 large sewage treatment environmental protection equipment is carrying out the final debugging, and foreign companies are expected to be delivered at the end of October. The apparatus is as high as 9 meters, with an average of $ 56 million.

These "giant" are independently developed by the company, mainly used in corporate production and sewage treatment. Jin Shen Town is a strong town in Tongcheng City and the equipment manufacturing industry is particularly developed. Anhui Tongbo Special True Co., Ltd. Is an industrial enterprise integrating a centralized rescue vehicle and a rescue equipment, accessories, tools, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service.

In the first half of this year, due to epidemic prevention and control, the company’s production is affected.

In the second half of the year, the company’s order is constantly producing in full load. Jin An Tong, head of Anhui Tongbo Special Trustees Co., Ltd., said that the company has reached 5.3 million sales last month. The orders in this month and the next month have been full, the whole situation is very good, and the company has now put mainly in the development of new products. Tongcheng equipment manufacturing will start early, mainly focusing on several major categories such as auto parts, transport machinery, hood accessories and chain transmission, and the role of equipment in the development of industrial economy in Tongcheng. There are currently 82 electromechanical equipment enterprises, and the accumulated value of 2020 is 13.8 billion yuan.

It is understood that as of September this year, Tongcheng equipment manufacturing has accumulated value of billion yuan, an increase%; Huitong Auto Parts, climbing groups, China Construction Yuxin, China Building Materials New Energy, Hangke Optoelectronics and other bones; products The scientific and technological content is further improved. It is driving to automation, intelligence, and promoting "Tongcheng Manufacturing" to "Tongcheng Creation".

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