Wednesday, May 31

Taiwan chef is looking for "Ma Zu’s home"

China News Cooperatives The head water seaweed and peanuts constitute the "Mazu Hi", the original impression of the "Mazu’s home" on the tip of Kaohsiung Chef. On the 12th, we walked in the weekend, and the Temple of the Zhuzu Temple in the Temple of Maizhou Mazu is endless. The Weizhou Lianchi beach racks on the blue sky, and there is a band sing.

Many island specialty restaurants aggregate, most operators come from Taiwan. Among them, the horseshoe restaurant from Kaohsiung, the peak of positive meals, and the iron plate barbecue of Zhu Jing name is particularly popular. But the 40-year-old Zhu Jing name told reporters that "I fried steak is one, but now I still need to wait for time." He said, "To be a truly popular chef, you must first be familiar with the local ingredients .

"Zhu Jing name came to Weizhou Island this year.

His boss, Taihang Zheng Yiping has opened two horseshoe chain restaurants in the island in the past three years, and the big kitchen Zhu Jing is also tangled. Zhu Jing name said that the "Taiwan" in his heart is a variety of names that are identified by Miaoji’s nine-layer tower, Yilan’s seven-sized onion, and the southern southern southern southern.

"The onions in Hengchun Town, Pingtung County is particularly delicious, and the anti-style onion soup is particularly rich, and the taste is delicate.

"Today, Zhu Jingwen needs to find new" right ingredients "on Weizhou Island.

"It is very difficult, first of all, Chai Mi oil, salt sauce vinegar, there is a lot of differences with Taiwan." He laughed, "The mainland is single and soy sauce, and the salt is different. I have different soy sauce. I am always doing. Where is the position of the old pumping. "The lines and seaweeds in the" Mazu face "traveled him to visit farms.

Lin Jinzhao, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zizhu Temple, told him that in the 1970s, as the first Baodao, the first Baodao, the first Baodao, the first Baodao, which is loose, and Time, the vice director of Taiwan North Port Chao Tiandong, and guards the mother of Mazu. Lin Jinzan mother Lin Congzhi, cooked a bowl of mother ancestors to Mr. Cai.

Lin Jinzan recalled that at that time, the material conditions were poor, only two thin pork, "Mr. Cai has always been very sensational, eat, this taste." At the Putian Meizu Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival, Zhu Shengwen also observed the "Mazu Ban" of Putian Big Guard Guan Yuri.

Twelve famous dishes take cucumber fish, sea squid, lobster and other seafood, Maizhou Island Qiuju also as a piece of vegetables.

"The food is very characteristic, the mother behind the food, also touches people." Zhu Jingwen said. Now, Zhu Jing name is the best new dish, which is also used in local seafood. "The same sea, the same seafood, Taiwan’s technique is not the same." During the past Putian immunity, he and Zheng Yiping joined "Mazu volunteers", cooking a large number of places to give the anti-vloal Personnel; September Nine Mazu Golden Body Cruise & Buffu Mazhou Island, he and Taiwanese volunteers Zhang Luo’s love station, and it has become a "timely rain" of the replenishment.

"Weimina Island will strive to build a new model of exchange cooperation under the two-strait fusion demonstration area and innovation expansion line.

Lin Yunwen, secretary of the Weizhou Party Work Committee, said in the reporter that in the next five years, Weizhou Island will build the core area of ??Mazu Culture, explore the research tourism band mainly based on natural landscape and mother culture, and "eat live in travel entertainment "Tourism six elements are entry points," of which "Table +" has focused.

This is of course good news for Zhu Jing name, which is determined to become a famous kitchen of the Weizhou Island.