Thursday, June 1

River Right Times: Illuminated the Road to National Rejuvenation with Science and Technology Innovation

  On October 26, General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the National Communist Party of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission visited the National "13th Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition, which fully affirmed our country. It is encouraged the national scientific and technological person to face the world’s scientific and technological frontiers. For the economic main battlefield, the major needs of the country, facing the country’s lives, facing the people’s lives and health, firmly innovating confidence, improving innovation opportunities, brave science and technology peaks, cracking development problems, Realize the new and greater contribution of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The exhibition with "innovation-driven development towards technology power" as the theme, total segmentation, 100 years, basic research, high-tech, major special project, agricultural science and technology, social development, etc., through 1740 exhibitions, In the way in combination with physical model, virtual reality, holographic images, concentrated on "13th Five-Year Plan", my country has made a large number of high-intensity scientific and technological achievements in the field of basic frontiers, strategic high technology, and people’s livelihood technology.

From "9" quantum computing prototypes to integrated systemic positron emission / magnetic resonance imaging equipment, from the national new generation artificial intelligent open innovation platform to China Space Station model … Each piece, every model, all in Under the leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee, the results of the innovation driving development strategy, hard work, hard work, is a powerful confirmation of the Chinese Communist Party’s correct leadership and scientific decision-making. The sea is horizontal, and Wanshan pound looks at the main peak.

To read China’s miracle, you must read China’s road. The excellent results made by my country’s science and technology undertakings are inseparable from the new national strength of the party’s comprehensive leadership and socialist centralism, and inseparable from the great vitality of deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system.

Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Party since the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the core, the core position of technology innovation in the overall situation of the national development, and made a series of major deployments in promoting innovation, building science and technology power, leading the people of the country. A breakthrough of "from 0 to 1" created another development miracle that made the world’s scraping and successfully entered the country. It can be said that my country’s scientific and technological innovation is not available, from weak to strong, from the loss of the world, it is the most devotentated and most vivid interpretation of "no Communist Party, there is no new China". . Condominating the water, and the enemy is entering.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "science and technology have never impact today in the country’s future destiny, never influence the people’s happiness and well-being today. my country’s economic and social development is more need for scientific and technical solutions than in the past, more need Enhance innovation this first motivation.

"Currently, from international perspective, there is no change in the world’s 100-year change, and scientific and technological innovation has become a key variable impact and changing the world’s pattern. On the international track of thousands of sails, who holds technology innovation this" cow nose ", who You can grasp the charm, seize the advantages, and win the initiative. From the domestic development, the problem of unbalanced development in my country is still highlighted, the innovation ability is compared with the high-quality development requirements, and the scientific and technological strength has a gap in comparing the people’s growing good life.

The science and technology is in the nation, and the science and technology is strong. Only by innovation is to lead forged technology support, it can provide a continuous driving force for national security, people’s livelihood improvement, economic development, and culture prosperity. A new development of innovation and development from strong technology is strong to industrial, strong economy and strong country. path.

  It is to grasp the development and seek newness in the future.

Enter the new journey of the second round of struggle, to grab a major opportunity for new round of scientific revolution and industrial change, accelerate high-level science and technology self-improvement, to create high-quality development science and technology innovation engines, continuous excavation depth, expand breadth, and improve Height, grasp the big potential, seize the opportunity, to meet difficult, to build a technical support for comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries, and illuminate the great revival of the Chinese nation with scientific and technological innovation.

(She Lixia).