Thursday, June 1

Rongping: "Chengdu Community" through the future

About future cities, humans have never stopped being imagined.Aerial city, sea cities, park cities … It’s endless, but no matter which concept, falling on everyone, it is always "life", it is a dessert and food, food, food and clothing.As the smallest unit of the city, the community has the content of "life", and more about the "future" concept can be dependent.Recently, Chengdu held the "Future Park Community Planning and Construction and Sub-development Work" special meeting, based on the present, the future, the construction of urban development, two micro units, leading to the community, leading the urban development and prosperity with advanced ideas, placing oneThe happiness of the city is a happy life.

In the future park community, the micro expression of the park city in Chengdu, Green Road, Park, Snow Mountain, Blue Sky, and jointly built the park in Snow Mountain, which has promoted the "Park City Demonstration Zone" under the guidance of the new era. Target.

Under the big and abstract city goals, it is a specific community life. The community is the origin, with the future as the scale, and the urban development has a new goal.

Based on the present, look forward to the future, pay attention to life, and future park communities should be proposed. The future park community in Chengdu will focus on occupational aesthetic scenes in balance the full-age-friendly aesthetic scene, breaking the new space of the Holidays of the Horizon, tolerate the new space of the individual life scale and temperature, is modern, humanistic , Intelligent, ecological, in the direction of unlimited creativity, future city, beautiful life.

How to understand the relationship between park communities and parks? The park city interprets the value orientation of new era people and nature harmony; the park community is full of cities with the people’s pursuit of value.

The future park community is the basic cells of the park city, will deepen the city theory and practice in the park, build the bottom support of the future city, reflect the high-quality development of urban high quality, high quality life, and efficient management.

The two are inherently followed, and the shape, the shape is the city’s natural ordered growth. It is the future leader and demonstration, and better realizes the high harmonious unity of the people in the people’s city; the performance is the high quality of the building. Life is livable, to create a young man who loves and affordable housing, consumption experience is good, cultivated to form a vibrant, creative social atmosphere and life scene.

In the end pointing, it is a beautiful picture that is full of high-quality life, accelerating the city’s park city.

The new leading community in the future, the new leading construction of urban development is concerned about Chengdu, and the future imagination is related to "park".

Jinjiang Park, Dong’an Lake Sports Park, Qinglong Lake Wetland Park, Longquan City Forest Park, Natural Mountain Water, Humanity, City Landscape, jointly shaped a beautifully vivid park city view.

The fall of the city is in the field of people, the park city naturally corresponds to the park community.

The construction of the future park community is based on the logic of humanbook, which is based on the current reality, and leading the urban development in the future. It is in the park, the heart community, embraces the future. This year, Chengdu launched the construction of 25 future park communities, including 11 in the area of ??the Huancheng Ecological Park, 14 counties (city) counties. This is the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of Chengdu Plan, and the beginning of the 200 future park community is also a new starting point to the city’s better future.

Community operating construction levels are the main rule of urban modernity and is the main logo of distinguishing urban differences.

The construction of the future park community, focusing on the people, focusing on the future, can not be conceivable, there must be chapters.

Adhere to the new concept lead, differentiated positioning, scene design, high quality operation, future park community is the people-centric development ideology and ecological priority, green development concept, the scene space for new industrial development and new professional people, is Establish a governance system and operation system that uses positive energy, digestive negative effects. Chengdu took the lead in building a future community, building a park community, is a good life of the public, is a city-modern development and construction of internal birth demand, but also the consciousness of government subject responsibility, which must promote the city to higher levels, build urban development Leading the image, let the city construction from chasing the way.

In the future park community, the new home of the public, the new home, under the night, the Tianfu Shuang Tower, the ring of the hand, is located in the Gong Si Avenue of Financial City, is a dazzling city landscape. Undoubtedly, from the Tianfu Shuang Tower to Tunan Avenue, from the Communist Park to the future park community, this is the expansion of the district development from point-in-plane, which is the advanced development of urban aesthetics.

The vitality of comprehensive development of the area is the future community of organic implantation. Food around everyone’s city ideal life, community development focus people culture, open, composite, low density, space beauty, inclusive, high intelligence, toughness, and a beautiful future.

The people are like weaving, the lights are like a day, just the appearance of the urban block development, inner is a city to follow the logic of "people in the city", which is the real development needs of Chengdu into the big city into the metropolis. Therefore, the good news is frequently transmitted, the public service quality satisfaction is the first in the country, the Minister of the Ecological Environment is in favor of the air quality improvement, the housing and construction department is in favor of the urban update, which is actively responding to the people’s better life needs, actively exploring large The performance of urban modernization pathways is to promote urban development from industrial logic returning to human objective logic, from production and guide to life-directed concept transformation.

Future park community construction, from ideological action, from logic to orientation, straightforward point, difficult to point, not only consulted public employment, pension, medical care, education, and more eye-catching space structure, economic structure, social structure , The population structure, trying to gather in the future community, shaping the balance of functional layout, distinguished industrial characteristics, spatial scale, the harmonious park city form of the harmonious city, and realize the urban development and organic update.

The district development is the micro-body and carrier space of the city, and the future community is the micro space development in the area. Community, block area, urban layer progress, urban development construction ring, gradually step by step to stabilize, in order to realize the grand goal of urban development, in order to meet the people’s needs of the public, they can promote the city’s sustainable development. Future park community, step by step; the public is comfortable, and it comes.

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