Wednesday, May 31

The lower embroidery workstuff office people’s livelihood (Today, Today)

  Add elevators to solve the "difficult building"; rectify the environment, go to the door to rest; planning space, meet the needs of the public, charging the needs … When you are, more and more urban old communities have been transformed, live more Comfort, life is better.

  The people of the people, the political level.

Implementing the renovation of urban old communities, it is a solid initiative to supplement people’s livelihood and enhance people’s livelihood well-being. From the exploration of co-construction sharing mode, to properly handle multi-demand, all localities insist on asking for people, asking for people, constantly improving the level of community governance, so that the old community "new look", let the masses have more Get sense.

Practice has proven that from the mass needs, the next Embroidered mens can do practical things, good things to do the masses. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Whether it is urban planning or urban construction, whether it is the construction of the new city, it is necessary to adhere to the people ‘s center and focus on the needs of the people."

With the transformation as an opportunity, constantly improve the ability of community governance, in order to make the problem of the problem, let the urban old community transformed this people’s livelihood project to the people’s heart project.