Wednesday, May 31

The ancient rhyme is long, and the color of the "God"

In Gaoping, you can also appreciate the Mural of Koihua Temple, amaten the "Military Town of the Mural"; obeying the sheep head, Wei Guan, and appreciate the early Buddha statue; staring at Tiefo Temple color plastic, a crown of color plastic, twenty-four The style of the world; looking up to the earliest architecture of Chongming Temple in the Song Dynasty, feel the world of Tang Feng Song, "broken beam" structure; approaching my country’s oldest, the only gold stage, listening to the millennium style Song Jin … These treasures, like a bright pearl, "Tibet" in this "China Confucian Museum".

At present, the non-movable cultural relics of Gaopen registered books are 1574. Among them, there are 22 national security, 6 provincial insurance (newly declared 16 cultural relics is publicity) Moreover, the ancient households in Gaoping’s ancient houses were preserved, large, large, and there were 5 national historical and cultural names, and 56 traditional Chinese ancient villages.

In Gaoping, this piece of land accounting for one-pool of the Republic, with an average of cultural relics per square kilometers, the density is large, and it is very rare in the country. A thousand years ago, Gaoping’s ability to workers, which depicted a wonderful Danqing wall and built a coincidental civilian chapter. After a thousand years, the Hui Xin Songs here pour blood, let the silence for hundreds of years, Yao Shiyao, not only the "Shanxi Sanbao", but also from Shanxi to the world. As the hometown of the top party, Gao Ping’s drama culture source is long. Since 1991, the party’s scorpion has won five "plum blossoms" in the highest awards of Chinese drama.

The earth-growing party scorpion tone is high, and the musical tunes are rich, and the musical tunes are rich, and the sound is strong, and it is intuitive reflection of people’s emotions. "Xigou daughter" "Di Mountain Lamei" "Taihang Niang" and other modern classic repertoires are intoxicated.