Monday, January 30

Shandong implements a new round of "four minus four increase" actions, strengthen the source of control and help the pollution prevention and control

Original title: Shandong implements a new round of "four minus four increase" actions, strengthen the source prevention and control to help the pollution prevention and control of the battle A special action of "four minus four increasing" and recently introduced three-year action plan.

A new round of "four minus four increase" action, anchoring promotes the ecological construction of the province to walk in the forefront goal, adhere to the source governance, system governance, comprehensive management, and in-depth adjustment of industries, energy, transportation, agricultural input and land structure, and promote mining Separation of carbon synergies, realizing the continuous improvement of the quality of ecological environment, helping the "14th Five-Year Plan" pollution control and fighting. On the basis of implementing the country and provincial requirements, in the case of the province, the province’s actual situation is adhered to the top three-year target mission planning and designing hard tricks, proposing targeted measures. One is to further adjust the industrial structure. The elimination of the low-efficiency backward capacity industry increased from 8 to 13, increasing the regenerative rubber, waste plastic regeneration, brick, lime, gypsum and other 5 industries. It is required to carry out full process cleaning, recycling, and low carbon modification of industrial clusters such as steel and coking and other industries and building materials, chemical and casting.

The second is to further adjust the energy structure.

The elimination of 35 steam tons / hour and the following coal-fired boilers and 4 million kilowatwa low-cost coal-fired units were proposed, and 3.6 million rural areas were completed, and the gas supply reached 26 billion cubic meters. The export power supply increased to 130 billion kilowatts. Almost, the renewable energy generated installed capacity is increased to 60 million kilowatts. The third is to further adjust the transport structure. Enterprises requiring existing bulk cargo transportation 1.5 million tons of enterprises to formulate railway special line construction plans; the first time the national four diesel trucks are included in the gradual phase-out; during the contingency of heavy pollution, the whole society is unified to use the national five and above emission stages or New energy vehicle transportation. The fourth is to further adjust the structure of agricultural input and land.

Increased the requirements for improving the quality of green ecological land, and the ecological management and control of construction site. (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.