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The more difficult reform attack – from the grassroots research to see China’s reform situation

Xinhua News Agency, July 8th: Reform attack hard – from the grassroots research to see China’s reform situation This year, in the face of deep changes in the international environment, domestic structural, periodic contradictions, China firmly advancement promotion reform Open, effectively should challenge various risk challenges. In the past few days, Xinhua News Agency sent a multi-channel grassroots investigation small team to go deep into the first line, touch economic pulse, and perceive the reform strong sound.

On the land of China, the reform engine accelerated, and injected persistent driving force into China’s economic high quality development. "You" Business Environment "stable" economic base "entrepreneurial was introduced by Chengdu High-tech Zone, providing ‘one-on-one’ service in registered companies, taxation, intellectual property, etc. Office, providing financing support. Guo Xueqing, Vice President of Extreme Mi Technology, told reporters that in less than five years, this innovation company continues to grow and grow in China’s projector market share.

In order to better cultivate new kinetic energy, Chengdu implements a new economic enterprise gradient cultivation plan, and the layered grading provides counterpart services in different growth stages.

Chongqing Duojiang New District Government Center Social Supervisor – China-US joint venture Chongqing Wang Guo Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Public Relations Director Yan Yuanlin turned over and worked, proudly showed his other heavy identity. "The social supervisor regularly held a meeting, or it can also recommend it to the Dujiang New District Government Affairs Center." Yan Yuan Lin said.

The reporter learned that there are 23 social supervisors in the new river New Zone, 11 of which come from enterprises, main responsibilities are the issues and demands that reflect business environment.

In the investigation, the reporter found that from the investment, fighting preferential policies to the spelling service, the business environment, the local government’s competition philosophy, the path of high quality development in China is more clear. "Entering the high-quality development stage, the competition between the regions is to talents, funds, and technology competition. Only in the business environment is better, it is best to grasp the gold opportunity of the innovation era, for the Midwest It is especially true. "A grassroots cadre in the western province said. The excellent business environment is not only a city, a province’s competitiveness, but also a hard effort that is better in the fierce international competition.

At the end of 2018, a "list" triggered extensive attention at home and abroad.

The approval of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, "Market Access negative list (2018 edition)," the official release.

As a sign that China’s full market access negative list system, other than the negative list of industries, fields, business and other types of market players Jieke equal access to the law, the real "non namely the ban." There is no precedent in the world, this major institutional innovation, the release of strong determination and courage to get rid of maximizing market access barriers to further invigorate the market is. Face risks and challenges, China to optimize the business environment as an important measure to stimulate the vitality of market players, the release of the domestic market potential, to keep the economy running smoothly, promote the development of high quality – promoting decentralization in depth: this year industrial production should permit more than half of the species Yajian again, and then cancel the central level delegation of more than 50 administrative licensing; institutionalization of sound regulatory rules: equal treatment for all market players, promote the "double randomized, open a" supervision and regulation of credit, combined with the focus of supervision; optimization government services: Administrative services to build the country, "a network", "one China Netcom to do" on a wider scale, off-site can do …… the World bank report, Doing business 2018, China once increase 32 in the world ranking, the magnitude of improvement It is the first East Asia and Pacific.

"Attack" Kennedy reform of the "living" water innovation in Chengdu, a post from proprietary innovations to change the mix of colleges and universities, will be tentacles property "exclusion zone."

2016, Southwest Jiaotong University explicitly into the National Invention in the Duties, functions common to all countries by the inventor of all, the "post-equity incentive" to "advance equity incentive", universities and job inventor can "March On" the proportion of common patent. Reform wake a number of "sleeping" scientific and technological achievements.

As of the beginning of this year, Southwest Jiaotong University has been completed is indeed the right division 205 posts intellectual property invention; divided by the scientific and technical results is indeed the right to assess the price of shares set up 24 high-tech start-up companies, the total value of intellectual property to assess the price of shares over a hundred million, driven by social investment of nearly 800 million yuan. Top-level design top-down, bottom-up grass-roots exploration, full of the wisdom of the Chinese reform experience, the country is being transformed into a lively practice of reform. This year is expected to drop charges 2 trillion yuan tax – fiscal reform push, to lose is the burden of the increased dynamism. The first five months of the national total of new tax cuts drop fee 893 billion yuan.

Among them, deepening the implementation of the VAT reform since April, April, overall net tax 221.8 billion yuan in May.

Reporter survey found that many companies plan to save tax into technological innovation and R & D innovation. Jinggu County in southwestern Yunnan Pu’er City, Cloudscape, Forest & Paper Co., Ltd. is in transition critical stage. "Preliminary estimates, the VAT tax cut will bring more than 1,000 yuan a year in tax cuts, the company is in expanding the industrial chain, the adjustment of product structure crucial period, it is a powerful ‘catalyst’." Fu, general manager, said opening . Promote the reform of operation mechanism oil and gas pipeline network, high-value medical supplies to rationalize the price system, reform and improve the management system of food reserves …… hedge uncertainty with the uncertainty of the external environment of reform, this year, a series of "pain points" "difficulties" one by one break, get rid of obstacles to China’s development forward. "By" opening up potential "strong" reform engine June 30, China announced that foreign investment in shipping agency, movie theater, performance agencies, oil and gas exploration and development and other restrictions will further relax or canceled. Following the 2018 foreign investment negative list of 63 reduced admission 48, 2019 edition Yajian further negative list to 40.

"Limited to oil and gas exploration by eliminating restrictions on joint ventures, cooperation, and the introduction of more market players including foreign participation in domestic exploration and development of oil and gas resources, will enhance market activity, and create a fair and open access environment." BP Chairman and President of China Yang Xiaoping said that a year later revised foreign investment negative list entry again, so that foreign companies see the Chinese determination to expand opening up, encouraged.

Promote reform and development, China’s reform and continue to make breakthroughs in important weapon. Reporters in the survey felt, with the advance of opening a series of new initiatives, the Chinese business environment to accelerate the construction of market-oriented, rule of law, international direction. %%% – 5 months of this year, Yunnan, Chongqing, Sichuan, total import and export reached double-digit growth year on year, much higher than the overall increase in percent of the country.

Relying Change "along the way", and the Yangtze River economic belt, western development strategy, the West has been relatively isolated from the peripheral stations open frontier, full of vitality on the open stage.

"Yunnan Province this year will continue to accelerate electronic port construction, port and departments to promote the realization of the exchange of information, mutual recognition of regulatory, law enforcement and mutual aid declaration, one inspection and one release, sustained compression port cargo clearance.

"Deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce Yu Shu Kun said.

Looking at the country, by promoting a higher level of opening up, continue to win more development around its own space development opportunities and development momentum: in the east, Hui Rui Pujiang global headquarters inaugurated in Shanghai, the first multinational pharmaceutical companies to set up global headquarters in China. "Radiation Effects" headquarters economy, optimizing the "magnetic effect" of the business environment, 365 days "into Bo effect" force, and the first four months of this year, Shanghai new foreign investment projects, contractual foreign capital, foreign capital is to increase both more than 20%, continues to be a hot spot for global investment. In the middle, relying on the free trade area experimental platform, Hubei has established economic and trade relationships with more than 200 countries and regions, attracting more than 280 Fortune 500 companies invest.

Further open their markets, actively expand imports, continued to improve the business environment, the full implementation of equal treatment, vigorously promote economic and trade negotiations …… into the trend of economic globalization, bigger and bigger and open the door to China.

Forced to reform and opening up, stimulate innovation with reform, the land of China, the era of reform is a strong voice played to promote the Chinese economy walking firmly on the road to high-quality development, and constantly forward.

(Reporter An Bei, Shen Cheng, Hu Xu, Yu Zong Pu super).