Thursday, June 1

This special exam, Wuxi Science and Technology Vocational College is intimate for the candidate

Modern Express News (Correspondent Ma Yu) Recently, the 151st Japanese Language J-Test Exam was taken out in Wuxi Ancient Roman Hotel.

283 candidates, under the guidance of the examination staff of the Cultural Tourism Academy of Wuxi Science and Technology Vocational College, in order to enter the examination room in an orderly manner. The entire examination process is stable and standardized, the examination room is in order, and the test is good.

It is understood that the practical Japanese language identification J-Test exam is developed by the Japanese language verification association, the certification of my country’s Labor and Social Security, and has held a history of nearly 30 years. Its main function is to conduct a Japanese language ability test for the native language as non-Japanese, because its identification method is scientifically reasonable, and gradually become a language ability of many Japanese wholly-owned or joint ventures testing employee language skills, and conducts employee dispatched, improvement. Wuxi Science and Technology Vocational College has undertaken this exam since 2005, with Southeast University as the only two level test sites in Jiangsu Province, and the examination work in the 1958 years has been well received by the organizer and the majority of candidates. Wuxi Xinwu District has a "Japanese-funded highland". Every year, many Japanese companies participate in this exam, and Wuxi Academy of Cultural Tourism College Japan Korean Examination Center is targeted to enterprise needs. Contact, issuance and other test work.

Due to the sudden epidemic, the 151th high-use Japanese identification examination is very different from previous years.

On the one hand, due to the requirements of epidemic prevention, Wuxi Technical Vocational College cannot be used as a test center; on the other hand, many candidates are expected to conduct normal conduct as scheduled.

After reporting the school leaders and negotiated with the organizers, Wuxi Academy of Sciences decided to overcome difficulties and continue to undertake this exam mission to meet the needs of the majority of candidates. In order to ensure that this exam is unloraity, they take active measures, publicity, education, management, and service synchronization. On the eve of the examination, the school leadership team leads the examination staff to contact multiple hotels and informally, and finally identify the examination room in the ancient Roman Hotel. At the same time, according to the prevention requirements and examination specifications, the case may occur, and then training the examination operation procedure, and then emphasize the examination safety and examination room discipline, and the work work is replaced. According to Hu Guangming, the Dean of Wuxi Academy Cultural Tourism College, in addition to Japanese language identification J-Test exam, the Cultural Tourism College Japan Korean Examination Center also undertakes Japanese Language Ability Test (JLPT), Korean Exercise (TOPIK), and Occupational Korean Ability Test (OK-TEST), a total of more than 100,000 candidates have completed the examination work of more than 100,000 candidates. Wuxi Academy will continue to practice the concept of "District School", to do four national foreign language examinations for the new district, and serve the promotion, training and examination work of new Wu District.

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