Thursday, June 1

Sun Yue: Blocking Network Infringement Communication through technical means

New technology helps enterprise work efficiency improvement with the application and development of Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data, the combination of technology and industries is more close.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the latest principal of the State Council (2021-2035), also clearly put forward the development of the intellectual property system, the new technology, the new economy, and the new situation of the intellectual property system, the new technology, the new technology, the new technology, the new technology, the new technology, the implementation of the intellectual property, the new economy, the new situation Challenge.

"Copyright industry new technology is represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, block chain, VR / AR, etc., using new technologies that can promote the healthy development of copyright industries.

"Sun Yue is defined." A questionnaire for 27 companies showed that all of the enterprises have used new technologies in all fields, and more than half of the enterprises have also used a variety of technical means. "Sun Yue said that most of the enterprises believe that after using technical means, in terms of income, work efficiency, more than 73% of companies have more than 2 million yuan in copyright management and protection technology. Most of the companies have more new technologies in the future copyright work.

The use of new technologies in the copyright "Although new technology has been widely used in the copyright industry, it is still facing some problems.

"Sun Yue said that the infringement cost is low, the cost of rights protection is high; the application of technology has no unified standards, resulting in a certain resource waste; the current judicial system has relatively lags the statute of the infringement evidence provided by the new technology; the copyright infringement brought about new technology Scenario needs to be clear, etc., is currently needed to solve the problem. In addition, "my country’s copyright field is not balanced in the application of new technologies, and some large enterprises, large platforms have created, used, protect and manage copyrights in new technology. With more mature experience. However, most SMEs do not have conditions and experience to make full use of new technologies in copyright work. Sun Yue said.

It is reported that the China Copyright Association has launched the service platform of China ‘s copyright chain, solves the challenges of the majority of members and rights people in copyright protection, reducing their copyright protection costs, improve copyright protection efficiency, and is also modernized for the national copyright governance system and governance capacity Help exploration. Copyright area legislation needs to be refined, and specialization is continuously applied in copyright in copyright sector. Sun Yue believes that it should pay attention to five aspects: First, the legislation and policies of copyright are more refined and specialized.

Judicial use of audiovisual works, legal compensation and punitive compensation, etc., waiting to be introduced more specific regulations and judicial explanations. Second, the relevant departments can drive Internet companies to implement the infringement blacklist system for infringement websites and APPs, through technical means, in time, timely, and effectively block the spread of network infringement.

Third, through the "block chain recovery technology" on the infringement of the infringement on the Internet, the issue of evidence is carried out, so that the right holder will receive timely and effective protection.

Fourth, if the infringement of the infringement has reached the legal threshold of the legal criminal liability, it can provide stronger protection through criminal means to combat infringement and safeguarding the interests of rights.

Fifth, social organizations such as industry associations must carry out industry self-discipline work, establish relevant industry standards, form a standard unified industry rules, and jointly publish industry self-discipline normative documents, strengthen inter-industry mutual supervision.

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