Wednesday, May 31

The number of Shanxi Development Zones is 88 is becoming the main position of the transformation, the main battlefield, the main engine.

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  Xinhuanet Taiyuan October 20th (Wang Junling) "2020, the industrial investment in the development zone in Shanxi Province, the increase in industrial increased value, the actual utilization foreign capital, the total import and export, the number of high-tech enterprises, accounting for the specific weight of the province, It is 42%, 33%, 59%, 84%, 54%. "On the 19th, the" comprehensive construction of a well-off society "in the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee (Provincial Government Information Office), Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director, Pressor Jiao Yufeng, Zhang Jian, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, introduced the construction propulsion of the province development zone.

  Jiao Yufeng said that since "13th Five", Shanxi actively promotes the second innovation and entrepreneurship in the province’s development zone, further optimizing the space layout of the development zone, and the number of development zones reaches 88, forming a 69 industrial development zone as the main body, 12 modern agricultural industrial demonstration zones, the seven ecological cultural tourism demonstration zones, the development pattern of striking head. "The development zone has gradually become the main field of the transition of Shanxi Province, the main battlefield, the main engine, and the growth rate of various economic indicators are higher than the province.

"Jiao Yufeng said, January to August 2021, 69 industrial development zones completed fixed assets to invest billions, year-on-year growth, higher than the province’s growth rate; industrial investment billion yuan, year-on-year growth%, higher Provincial growth rate is a percentage point; 12 modern agricultural industrial demonstration districts have investment billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; 7 fixed assets in the ecological culture tourism demonstration area, a year-on-year growth%.

  At the same time, Shanxi vigorously promoted the investment zone investment and project construction, and continued to rolling the "three a batch of" activities in the province development zone. "The first four times’ three a batch of" activities, the province’s development zone signed a contract of 1144 projects, with a total investment of 628.1 billion yuan, which has started 989 projects, the start rate is%; starting from 1133 projects, total investment of 454.3 billion yuan, has The investment was 78.7 billion yuan, of which 620 projects have been put into production, with birth rate; production of 946 projects, total investment of 268 billion yuan, is expected to increase annual output value of 170.8 billion yuan, average efficiency%.

"Zhang Jian said. In order to continue to optimize the business environment of the development zone, Shanxi fully implements the" Commitment System + Standard Ground + General Act ". At present, the development zone basically has achieved general industrial projects" full commitment, no approval, take the land to start "The provincial development zone commitment reform pilot project has reached 4988. In addition, the General Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government issued" Accelerating the Implementation Plan to the Development Zone ", clarify the provincial and municipal level to empower the development zone 58 1377, in accordance with the principle of "can put it, you can have a licensed" principle, steadily advance to empower reform to the development zone.