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This study develops new direction of nanoscience

The National Natural Science Award First Award Project "Creation and Application of Ordered Mene Molecular and Carbon Material" has opened up new directions of nano-science (2020 National Science and Technology Awards Winning Project Tour (below)) Zhao Dongyuan Guiding Student Experiment . Fudan University is a magical material, which is applied to the board of 5G mobile phones, which can make the industrial production of 5G mobile phones possible; in the catalytic field, it can convert heavy crude oil into a vapor diesel; it also It can be used to make new energy batteries, do refined chemical intermediate catalysts, adsorption of impurities in sewage … This is the mesoporous material, a porous material between 2 to 50 nm. Recently, the National Science and Technology Award was announced in 2020. Zhao Dongyuan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the "Creation and Application of Ordered Members and Carbon Materials" completed by members of Li Wei, Deng Yonghui, Zhang Fan and other team members have received first prize of the National Natural Science Award. .

As the highest award in my country’s basic research, the first prize of the National Natural Science Award is attracted.

The reporter recently approached the "Creation and Application of Ordered Members and Molecules and Carbon Materials" project team, experienced the rhythm of my country’s independent innovation from "microscopic level, nanometer scale".

Magical mesoporous material, has a wide range of application prospects in many fields, is called "non-hole", most people are not unfamiliar with "hole materials". For example, cotton, honeycomb in nature, the desiccant, activated carbon, etc. of the desiccant, activated carbon, etc. The mesoporous material is a new material system developed in the 20th century. It has the characteristics of regular arrangement, size-adjustable pore structure, high ratio surface area, and large adsorption capacity, in macromolecular catalysis, adsorption and separation, nano-assembly and biological Many of the fields such as chemistry have a wide range of application prospects. The creation of well materials is inseparable from chemistry, inseparable from molecular self-assembly, which is the general phenomenon of nature.

"For example, the nucleic acid of the human body, the cell membrane, is through some molecular ‘assembly’, which constitutes the foundation of everything."

"Zhao Dongyuan believes that" the reason why mesoporous materials can have so many magical effects, because in this scale, it has a larger pore size and faster mass transfer rate, and the material can produce a special nanody. Effect.

Because they have holes, we can do a lot in such well.

"Before 2001, the entire mesh material is limited to inorganic materials, the disadvantage is that the brittle is large, the density is high, not easy to process, non-degradable.

At that time, Zhao Dongyuan, who had been studied for many years of inorganic mesoporous materials: Can you create an organic polymer material? "We learned from the self-assembly phenomenon of nature, and in this basis, we have made some inorganic compounds such as silicon oxide.

However, another important composition of the material is a high molecule and carbon, and these materials occupy a pivotal position in the national economy.

Only open this door to extend the mesh material to extend more.

"Zhao Dongyuan said.

The originality of "Creation and Application of Ordered Mene Molecular and Carbon Material" proposes an organic-organic self-assembly idea, creates an orderly functional mesh polymer and carbon material, revealing the unique material transport of mesh wells and Interface reaction law; realize the scale production of mesh carbon materials, promotion and application of catalytic, energy storage.

International Academic Evaluation: This study has developed a new direction of nano-science and is an important progress in "milestones".

Making the materials of "there is no born" is quite easy, the team has worked in the end of the year to overcome this problem, and Zhao Dongyuan set up a scientific research team. However, I want to make "there is no born" material is not easy.

In the past few years, the project progressed slowly and there were less outcomes. Zhao Dongyuan recalls: "We take the lead in proposing the organic polymer ‘self-assembly’ such a brand new idea, synthesizing mesh electric wood (phenolic resin, a very versal of very ‘old’ polymer materials), but the entire synthetic process is very complicated, just like In a ‘black box’, it is clearly recorded in the doctoral thesis of the team members. A complex problem, can you simplify? Forming a self-assembled process such as a polymer, is it possible to do step-by-step? "Zhao Dongyuan guided students and experiment with an anti-conventional approach. Hard work pays off, in October 2003, the team finally tested a set of very beautiful data.

"My student Gu Dong saw the result is very excited, and call me in the middle of the night.

It should be said that we are still very fortunate … "Zhao Dongyuan recalls. The next two months, Zhao Dongyuan led the team to carry out experiments, regulate parameters, test analysis, and basically all data at the end of the year.

In 2005, Zhao Dongyuan issued an article and took the lead in proposing the new idea of ??organic-organic self-assembly and announced experimental methods.

So far, more than 1,500 scientific research institutions in more than 60 countries and regions have carried out tracking research. It has been studied with similar methods to study more than 40,000 papers, leading to the development of international mesh materials. . Since then, Zhao Dongyuan leads the team to establish a systematic synthetic law to create a series of ordered mesoporous polymer and carbon materials for different apertures, topography, composition, and pore structures; Precise regulation of mesoporous polymer and carbon material function, generally introduce a variety of functions into high molecular weight and carbon materials, created a new functional mesoporous composite material; revealing the unique material transport and interface response of mesh hole , Solve the problem of microporous mass transfer restrictions and large pore active sites, complete high-specific capacity, high-power and long cyclic stability electrochemical energy storage devices, for unique new generation of drug synthesis catalysts, bionic ion channels, The construction of flexible microfluidic devices has laid the foundation and created huge economic benefits.

Born me "materials" must be useful, and make a "chisel" in the micro-world, the people who have a hole in the micro-world are constantly compressed cost. The Zhao Dongyuan team has put into industrial production and launches large-scale preparation. For example: use the mesh material as a catalyst, greatly improve the transformation efficiency of heavy oil, and increases from about 1.5 million tons of high-quality oil per year after promotion; production of mesh carbon and mesoporous polymer ton, applied to supercapacitor, Demonstration applications are obtained on the LED street lights and electric vehicles.

In addition, the results are also widely used in many aspects of biological detection, environmental treatment, electronic materials.

Zhao Dongyuan always believes that the natural "material" must be useful: "Chemistry is a basic discipline that is close to the industry, many achievements can be transformed.

"Zhao Dongyuan has always been claimed to be a person holding a ‘chisel’, in the micro-world." Study for many years, he even developed a "occupational disease" – what materials I saw in the weekdays, I want to play it. A hole.

"In the 20 years of research, this team is constantly innovating." Team member, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, said Li Wei.

Zhao Dongyuan remembered that when he had just returned to China, the domestic research conditions and the abroad gap were very large. Fudan University provides 30,000 yuan of research funds, Zhao Dongyuan biting his teeth bought a computer. The experimental conditions are simple and there is no high pressure reactor, and he will take plastic bottle instead. "Today, our research conditions are very good. To engage in basic research, there must be a spirit of advocating science. Young scientists must liberate their thoughts, drilled, and have the spirit of the cold bench." Zhao Dongyuan said.

Zhao Dongyuan is a famous "desperate martilao".

He once worked almost 80 hours, often in the laboratory for more than a dozen small bubbles.

"Die time to eat together at noon, Teacher Zhao often discusses academic issues." Li Wei said.

In the eyes of the student, Zhao Dongyuan is like a mesoporous material. It has a strong "adsorption ability", often and the students "to be a piece".

Li Wei remembered that this year attracted him to study this research, it is the beautiful mesh material that Zhao Dongyuan is displayed in an academic report. In terms of teaching and educating people, Zhao Dongyuan does not limit the students, actively encourages everyone to explore, but every paper will strictly control. "Our article, after the revision of Zhao, often full of red pen marks, even Chinese English punctuation, the unit symbol, he will be carefully revised." Li Wei remembered that Zhao returned to the email, no matter what At the place, the students’ papers he is a word a word to modify it.

It is in this almost harsh requirement that Zhao Dongyuan’s graduate student has been awarded a hundred excellent doctoral thesis across the country. Today, many members have grown into scientific research backbone. In addition to the graduate student, Zhao Dongyuan will also teach the undergraduate student, twice a week, cold in the summer, many years. If there is a class next day, even if he is still in the field a day, he must also go back to school overnight.

In order to popularize scientific knowledge, Zhao Dongyuan also served as a middle school student recorded network class, and even he also served as "The Chemistry" Branch of "100,000" (Sixth Edition) ", which poured a lot of hard work for this young science reading.

Today, under the leadership of Zhao Dongyuan, these "the people" have more ideas for "whimsical day": Menefirant material If you use it on your clothes, the clothing can be both thin and warm; if used in the medical field, perhaps Let the ligament will continue to grow; to make "ion channels" on the mesh material, you can achieve seawater power generation … In this eye-catching messenger micro-world, their innovation path is getting wider.