Thursday, June 1

Taiwan media attention: live broadcast belongs into "double eleven" new blue sea

On November 12, according to Taiwan Central News reported on November 11th, this year, the mainland double eleven battlefield extends to social platform, and traffic is reflected in live sales. By the consumption mode of live goods, becomes a wealth password. In addition to the original famous net red, many network celebrities also grab this market that is considered Blue Sea. According to the report, the double eleven of the mainland this year was running in late October. Xiaotao, who works in a Shanghai multinational consumer product marketing department, pointed out that this two-year consumption model has gradually changed, and the social platform has begun to involve e-commerce fields, plus the influence of the epidemic, and the online shopping is increased. The well-known large V traffic continues to grow, with goods Ability is not suspicious.

Xiaotao said that in such an environment, the smaller network celebrity has continued to grow, and the capacity of the goods is high, but these large-scale live broadcasts will be more important to the fields they are good at. As long as there is traffic, it will naturally lead to the cooperation of the industry.

According to reports, Fujian’s golf coach Axin originally photographed teaching videos on hanging, and hoped to expand your life. This year, he also begins to get involved in the goods, and the current earlier can earn tens of thousands of yuan.

Axin believes that it is different from Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms. The fetch models on short video platforms such as jams are interest e-commerce, which will push products more accurately to interested users, thus promoting consumption.