Monday, January 30

Red Archives I have become the most familiar stranger in the enemy court.

  The man in the photo is Deng Zhongxia, one of the earliest 58 members of the Communist Party of China, outstanding worker sports leader.

Next to his wife Li Ying.

In 1932, the wife who served as a transportation was arrested in Shanghai.

After half a year, Deng Zhongxia was also arrested.

  Multi-squares, Deng Zhongxia, which is only sentenced to 52 days.

But when there is 19 days after leaving out prison, the person who was arrested while arresting, but not only for Deng Zhongxia’s true name, but also tells the enemy, Deng Zhongxia and Li Ying are husband and wife. I learned that the enemy of this clue decided, while tried Li Yinghe and Deng Zhongxia, let them look for the tie in the court, trying to find a spider silk in the reaction from the two people.

  Li Ying in prison knows that when you want to see your husband, I am afraid. In the six months, she did not worry about her husband a day. But she didn’t know how her husband’s situation, exposed did not, I was afraid that I couldn’t control my sadness, and the enemy’s circle, but I harm the summer.

  Li Ying went into the court with contradictory mood.

Only four fifth steps far, she saw a half-year husband.

On the court, they became the most familiar stranger & hellip; & hellip;