Thursday, June 1

The 11th Changchun Agricultural Expo Closing Signation is 4.463 billion yuan

  On the 23rd, the 19th China Changchun International Agriculture · Food Expo (transaction) will be closed. The number of views of this session reached 960,000, and the online viewing exhibition has reached 43.1 million. According to incomplete statistics, 29 economic and trade cooperation projects were reached, and the contract is billions of money, and the on-site transaction volume reached 100 million yuan.

  It is understood that although this exhibition is affected by the epidemic, there are still more than 1,100 domestic and foreign high-profile specialty agricultural products companies, more than 10,000 domestic and foreign agricultural products and food, thousands of agricultural machinery products, nearly a thousand kinds of agricultural machinery products. Rural new energy environmental equipment for display exhibition. During the exhibition, a series of supply and marketing characteristics, Jilin Province poverty alleviation products centralized sign-up activities, Changchun City Agricultural Project Investment Promotion Conference, Buyer Dip Fair and other 5 large-scale negotiation activities. This exhibition also built eight farm news, organized the first Jilin Province farmers’ quick-end network, live broadcast, Changchun area high-quality agricultural product agricultural hub live broadcast belt special, "Nongbo Shenghui · Xingong Help, Star Anchor" Live broadcasts, etc., fully utilize the "Nethong" marketing model to promote the online trading of agricultural products. According to preliminary statistics, the live goods trading volume during the exhibition reached 1.69 million yuan.

In addition, the Agricultural Expo has established "10 + 365" (10 days of online exhibition, 365 days online display transactions) one-stop online trading service platform, exploring the practice of double-line depth fusion marketing model, as of now, realization online The contract amount is 3.82 million, and the third-party platform transaction is 9.3 million yuan.

  This year’s agricultural fair focuses on more than 3,500 crop species at home and abroad, introducing more than 300 new varieties of demonstration; more than 30 new technologies and new models, green prevention and control technology integration application exhibition, high-tech intelligent equipment exhibition, high-tech The cultivation exhibition fully demonstrates the role of the modern science and technology demonstration park of the Agricultural Expo; the science collection, the fishery exhibition hall, the rare poultry, the farming cultural hall, enhances the scientific education function of the exhibition. The Agricultural Expo adheres to the "Farmer Festival" office purpose, organized various cultural events.

Farmers "Nethong" belt competition, "Jilin Qiaojie" handicraft contest, farmers fun sports meeting, Jilin rural broadcast fans meet, find the new image of new farmers in the new era, showing the people of Jilin Healthy upright spirit.

  After the farmer is closed, Changchun Agricultural Expo will continue to open outdoor exhibits from August 27. During the Spring Festival of 2021, Changchun Agricultural Expo will also host the 12th Jilin Winter Agricultural Expo.

  The next Changchun Rural Expo is scheduled to be held in mid-August next year.

(Reporter Chen Mo) (Editor: Li Yang, Xie Long).