Tuesday, January 31

Tieling 106 rural campus toilets complete transformation

Original title: Tieling 106 rural campus toilets completed bright and tidy, light yellow floor tiles, snow-white wall tiles, one arranged in an orderly sound, as long as the water tank switch, the water is "" " To.

This is a new toilet in the central elementary school in Xibao Town, Tieling County.

On November 17, the reporter learned from the Tieling Municipal Education Bureau. This year, Tieling has successfully completed 106 rural primary and secondary schools "toilet revolution" work, many rural schools used the water screw toilet such as primary and secondary schools in Zhenbao Town.

This year, Tieling City attaches great importance to the "toilet revolution" of the primary and secondary schools, and formulates the relevant program to fully arrange deployment, clarify the work responsibility and time limit, compaction the subject responsibility, and form a cooperation. Tieling City Education Bureau requires the education administrative departments to the relevant departments to exploit the situation of the soil of primary and secondary schools, and prepare the construction plan for the sanitary toilet in primary and secondary schools in the county and districts, and the classification division is determined to change the toilet mode. Tieling Municipal Government, the Municipal Education Bureau incorporate the "toilet revolution" into the county governments, county education bureaus annual supervision assessment projects, and carry out special supervision and inspection of "toilet revolution" in primary and secondary schools.

Organize all localities to strictly implement relevant construction standards issued by the Ministry of Education.

Strengthen the operation of supervision and management and project acceptance in the implementation of the project, guide it to speed up the construction progress by optimizing construction schemes, increasing construction groups, inverting moderate peak construction.

The type of toilet is mainly in three formats, water rush, and now, the city’s 106 primary and secondary school toilets have all completed, effectively solved the outstanding problems in the environmental health of primary and secondary schools, and achieve the city’s primary and secondary school toilets Standardization, facility modernization, management standardization, use civilization, comprehensively improve students such as toilet civilization and campus civilization construction.

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