Thursday, June 1

Taiyuan Binhe Bicycle Special Taoist Complete 75 km

  Original title: Binhe Bicycle Special Taoist Completion January 5th, the city’s tube management committee news, the full length of Taiyuan Binche bicycle in Taiyuan Binhe bicycle, the secondary department of the Weihe River, will implement supporting facilities installation, greening along the way, etc. It is expected that this year can be built.

At that time, the public can ride on special roads, while enjoying the city’s slow traffic, enjoy the scenery of the Weihe River.

  The construction of Binhe Bicycle Special Road is an important measure to actively practice new development development, advocate green low-carbon life, promote energy revolution, and build a green eco-city. The special road is located on both sides of the River East and the south of the Qihe Ranshiqiao, the South to Yingbinqiao, 2 kilometers south of Yingbin Bridge, 75 kilometers long.

The net width of the bicycle is 5 meters, and the road surface layer uses environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, bright, waterproof color ceramic particles, and 2 meters green belt on both sides.

  The viaduct section of the special road is 8 kilometers. At present, the bridge of Yingze Bridge-Yingzeqiao continuous viaduct, Yingzeqiao-Nanni Bridge continuous via bridge has been completed. Moreover, 11 seats will be set up along the dedicated road, and the 52 sets of power promotion system.

Among them, the rest station will support bicycle storage, public health, casual seats and other facilities, etc., for riding citizens to rest and store bicycles. Visitors stand on the station’s viewing platform, and you can also enjoy the pleasant views of the Weihe Scenic Area. Since the start of September 2020, the special Tao project has been fully promoted. At present, the main project is completed, and has completed the total project of 85%, and it is expected to be completed in 2021.

After the completion, for the construction of the multi-varying transportation system of the Lihe corridor, interact with the cross-river bridge, Binhe East Western Tailong, and improve the urban cycling network, gradually create green transportation demonstration cities will actively promote the role, and can make The original one of the river view is one, the second period reaches the effect of the transfer upgrade. (Reporter Li Tao correspondent Hou Gang).