Thursday, June 1

Starting from the happy life (struggle for hundreds of years, the new journey, consolidation, expanding the poverty)

The river hours, the villagers of Lochong Village, Pingdong Street, Wangjing County, Luo Jing, did not rest, and busy Zhang Luo. These years have a good harvest, this year, he is determined to transform the old house as a second layer. Looking at Wangjing County in the southwest of Guizhou, the traditional agriculture has faced "small weak" bottlenecks for a long time. Although the county has long been grasped as a rich industry, it is impossible to bring good economic benefits to farmers because there is no complete industrial chain to form a complete industrial chain. After the poverty of the lectures, Wangjing County was positioned as the leading industry of "one county and one industry".

Under the driving of enterprises and professional cooperatives, Lang Village will expand the scale of chestnut plants to 10,000 mu.

"It is completely two-code things with yourself, and there is no expert to guide planting technology, and sales also solve the sales.

"With expert guidance to transform low-yield Lao Lin, 30 acres of chestnuts in Luojing River gradually entered the production period, the fruit received alone, and it was acquired by the processing factory in the county.

The chestnut revenue is nearly 60,000 yuan, and 20 acres of oil tea also repeatedly.

At present, Wangjing County’s chestnut planting area exceeds 2.70,000 mu, a whole-industrial chain integrating production, processing, sales, basically formed, and a leisure and snacks made of local chestnuts, and the beverages and other deep processing products are sold well, driving the county people. Income. Based on resource endowments, climatic conditions and market demand, Guizhou accelerate the development of modern mountain characteristics and efficient agriculture, as a fundamental policy of consolidating the expansion of poverty, strive to develop 12 agricultural characteristics of tea, vegetables and boutique fruits, and continuously broaden farmers Increasional channels. In the first three quarters of this year, 916 new agricultural leading enterprises in Guizhou, Daxie, Agricultural Professional Cooperatives, the per capita business net income of rural residents in the province was 2162 yuan, a year-on-year growth. "Resolutely do policies, the monitoring is not missing, the power is not weakened, the cooperation does not end, the responsibility is not lax, firmly holds the bottom line that does not occur in scale," Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Secretary Yan Yin said that Guizhou will continue to increase Farmers’ income as a central task, and go all out to do a good job in the work of consolidating expansion of poverty.

Originally published in the People’s Daily (07th edition, December 10, 2021).