Thursday, June 1

The Basic Business Rules and Rules will be implemented on November 15th.

  Xinhua News Agency, October 31 (Reporter Yao Genfang, Liu Hui) On October 30, Beijing Stock Exchange officially issued 4 basic business rules and 6 supporting rules and guidelines, the above business rules from November 15 Get a way. These four basic business rules include the listing rules and 3 review rules, namely the issuance of the listing review rules, refinance review rules, and restructuring regulations. From the business rules released, it is publicly issued and listed, and the overall translation of the selection of promotion is promoted as a listing conditions, maintaining inclusiveness and precision. At the same time, the implementation of the registration system is implemented, clarifying the exchange of the exchange of the exchange and registration of the SFC, and forms a listed committee.

The distribution of the remaining disposal is adjusted to "prioritize the same amount of time, the number is preferred", and the amount of investor concentrated purchase pressure is alleviated.

  In terms of financing mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, a diversified financing tool system of ordinary stocks, priority shares and convertible bonds is constructed.

In the issuance mechanism, it is clear that the issuance of the listed company’s securities need to be underwritten by the securities company, which clarifies the responsibility of the primary underwriters in the issuance of pricing and release, and introduced a bidding system. In terms of continuous supervision of listed companies, the system requires the main supervision of the current listed company, no longer implement the main brokerage system, and fulfills the continuous supervision of the prescribed period of the prescribed period; at the same time, it is fully considering the business characteristics and development rules of innovative SMEs, and strengthen the company. Autonomous and market constraints. The listing rules also clarified the impact requirements of regular reports in the listing of regular reports in the listing of the listing, that is, the annual report was disclosed in the previous 36 months, and the interim report shall not be issued in Beijiao.

The equity incentives performed according to law during the new three boards can continue to implement, restricted, and the right arrangements will remain unchanged after the Beijiao office is listed.

  In addition, the reporter learned from the Securities Regulatory Commission that the Securities Regulatory Commission issued and implemented a revised stock exchange management method on October 30, providing the Beibei Institute as the operational law of the company’s Stock Exchange, clarify the relevant supervision arrangements.