Wednesday, May 31

The Ministry of Autonomous Region strengthens the restriction of the industrial supervision

On August 7, the reporter learned from the Human Resources and Social Security Department of the Autonomous Region that the self-sweeping black and evil special struggle, the Autonomous Region Human Social Service will govern the governance of migrant workers as a special struggle to serve people’s livelihood, protect people’s livelihood political tasks, and fully Increase the special rectification work in key industries, and the wage arrears of migrant workers have been effectively curbed. In November 2019, before the Spring Festival this year, the Autonomous Region Human Social Hall conducted a total of 1119 employers, a total of 7,961 workers, a total of 7,96 people, and a total of 7,96,000 workers. 7856 migrant workers chased wages million yuan. Transferring 7 public security organs, 7 cases, the public security organs were investigated, and there were 3 arrears of serious illegal units for the public, including 1 of the arrears of salary "blacklist".

This year, the Autonomous Region Human Social Welfare has clearly cured the payment of 31 key work tasks, focusing on issues such as the source of the project construction, the enterprise performs payment responsibility, etc., 274 districts, districts Key Monitoring Engineering Construction Projects and 80 key project construction projects in the autonomous region include the scope of key monitoring, urge the city counties and district to establish a fund-cured bank account, organize special inspections of migrant workers’ pay payment, "no money" county, district Create a special action for management and other management, further standardize labor management and pay payment behavior in engineering construction.

Up to now, the autonomous region’s labor security monitoring department will announce 5 major labor security illegal cases, including 2 of the "blacklist" of the migrant workers’ wages; 2929 inspections of employers, 89 cases of labor security monitoring cases, through labor Safeguarding the law enforcement and subsidiary labor contract, and 394 workers will chase wages million yuan.

(Reporter Ma Zhaogang) (Editor: Gao Jiawei, Jia Ru).