Wednesday, May 31

Taiwan’s civil adjusted: Taiwan’s top ten "political leaders" Hou Youyi won the championship only one person in the top five

  China Taiwan Network reported on December 13th, according to Taiwan media, it was less than one week in Taiwan’s 1218 "referendum", and political parties were fully sprint, and the first-line political figures also triggered concerns. Taiwan’s top ten "political leaders" list, the new North Mayor Hou Youju crown, Taiwan deputy leader Lai Qingde is second, and the third is Taipei City, Ke Wenzhe.

  TATA "Dongsen New Media Ettoday" is aimed at the most popular and influential 32 political figures in Taiwan. The results show that Hou You should be optimistic about the first level, and the people of the new North may think that he is the most potential After the "political leader" in the Chinese period; the deputy leader of Taiwan is second, the second, optimistic about the degree; Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe rushed to the third, optimistic about the degree; Guo Taiming ranked fourth, optimistic; China National Party Wan’an row fifth, optimistic%. In the sixth to tenth, the Mayor Zheng Wencan, seeing the May Garden; Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qi Mai, optimistic%; Taichung Mayor Lu Shiyan, optimistic%; Chinese Nationalist Party Chairman Zhu Lilun, optimistic%; Taiwan "Wei Fu Minister "Chen Shizhong, optimistic%. In addition, compared with the last poll (September), Hou You should look at the first; Lai Qingde maintains the second, and the top five unique green camps in the rankings; Ke Wenzhe rose from the sixth place to the third place; Jiang Wanan rose from the seventh to the fifth; Zheng Wencan and Chen Qi have fallen two; Lu Shiyan rose from the ninth place to eighth; Zhu Lilun declines one to ninth, Chen Shizhong is maintained in tenth. The survey time is from December 6th to December 8th, and the number of more than 1386 valid samples is recovered through mobile phone text messages. The sampling error is under the level of 95% confidence. (China Taiwan Network Juanzi) [Editor: Guo Bi Juan].