Thursday, June 1

The Department of Yizhou District Imperial War launched the "Grassroots in the History of the Party – into the ancient education"

Recently, the party branch of Hechi Yizhou District Criminal Branch to the Anma Township Ancient Yutun Village launched the "grassroots level of learning party", into the ancient education ", activities aimed at helping the masses from the grassroots first line to promote party members and cadres Understand the grassroots situation, enhance the awareness of purpose, transform the work style, and promote the progress of party history education, and achieve effectiveness. Zhang Danni, deputy secretary of the Minister of the Yizhou District Committee, Minister of the United Front, Party Group of the District CPPCC participated in the event. Everyone first gave a discussion to the Cadres of the ancient Village Village Committee and the Village, the deputy secretary of the Ama Township Party Committee, the nomination of the government, the nomination of people, Li Ehe participated in the discussion, Zhang Danni seriously listened to the development, basic construction of the ancient city, infrastructure, etc. It is said that it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of united front, actively help rural revitalization, and effectively transform the results of party history education into the vivid practice of "listening to the people, do practical things". Subsequently, party members and cadres who participated in the event will enter the fields of the field to help the people to help the masses to weill, fertilize, and communicate with the masses and listen to the voice of the masses. Party members have said that grassroots practice activities can bring closer to the masses, further enhance party sense of party spirit, to deepen party history education, transform the work style, closely contact the masses, and improve the service levels of the people have positive role.