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Song singing features Industry Hunan Shaodong City Political Consultative Conference helps rural village

People’s Network Changsha on November 9th, on November 8, the original chairman of the Shaodong City, Hunan Province, the amateur word writer Shen Gui Rong’s song "Tofu" bonus and the starting ceremony were held in Shandong City.

"Water Dongjiang Tofu" has a long history, because it is white tender as jade, lubricating and refreshing, and the fragrance is pleasant, and the people of Shaodong are loved.

In August this year, the current CPPCC Party Secretary, Chairman Luo Jiankang, Time, Chairman of the CPPCC, Shen Guirong, the relevant comrades of the CPPCC, the relevant comrades of the CPPCC, and the Committee on the CPPCC Committee to the Shui Dongjiang Town, and to promote the revitalization of rural areas in Dongjiang Town, especially It is a special research consultation in the development of the bean products industry.

During the discussion, the Political Consultative Conference Committee and the representatives of all walks of life talked about to increase the propaganda, and to promote the revitalization of the water Dongjiang Town Bean Products industry. Dongjiang Tofu "brand.

In the context of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to organize the "Welcome Xiangxiang Buildings, Taoism, Xingyan, Xing Industrial Zhen Rural Village" activities, Shen Guorong actively responded to calls, wakes up the creation, wrote the "hometown tofu", and respectively Opinions and suggestions were listened to Opinions and Suggestions in Some Bean Products Processing Operators of the Municipal Association and the Town of the Town.

After the speech is completed, he invited the musicians to compose, the singer Lin Qi sang, jointly launched the original song "Township Tofu" , Calling towards the returning return, helping industrial development, and promoting rural residence. "The Tofu of Hometown" let us feel the beautiful mountain water in his hometown, the song is beautiful, the rest, the taste of the hometown is also on the paper.

"After listening to the song, the Xianxian of the Yuxiangjiang Town, Qiqi, Shen Gao.

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