Wednesday, May 31

US Vice President Harris denied that the White House is not a rumor: I don’t think it is used in large materials

China’s new network reported on the US Chinese network, local time on the 18th, US Vice President Harris denied that she was tense with the White House relationship with the White House, saying that she did not feel that she was "large materials ".

The US Cable News Network (CNN) reported earlier this week that although the US President Bidden and Vice President Harris expresses harmony in the public, their relationship is not normal and has reached "exhausted deadlock." ".

On the 18th, Harris accepted an interview with the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) "Good Morning" program. When the host asked if she was marginalized, "did not reuse or arbitrarily alone", Harris responded: "No, I don’t think." Harris said: "I feel very excited about our work that we have finished. But I am absolutely very clear, there are still many things to do, we will do it." White House The tense rumors of the vice president relationship denied that Pisa, Basic Week: "President of Biden chose Vice President Harris as his campaign, because he think she is a person who can govern the country.

She is a key partner.

She is a brave leader. She assumes a very important task.

"It is reported that Biden has appointed Harris to lead a series of issues, including challenging issues such as immigration and voting rights, and broader tasks such as expanding vaccination and broadband. Last week, Harris also visited France, After the "submarine order", it is hard to repair the relationship with France. This visit is also her first in the European diplomatic stage.