Wednesday, May 31

Testimony Meeting on Nanjing Massacre Held in Tokyo

Thephotoshowsthesceneofthetestimonymeetingforthe84thAnniversaryoftheNanjingMassacreheldattheYMCAAsianYouthCenterinTokyo, Japan, onDecember11. (PhotobyZhangXiaoyu)The picture shows theDecember 11thshootinginTokyo, JapanYMCA "Nanjing Massacre84anniversary of thetestimonywould" liveAsianYouth Centerheld.

Zhang Xiaoyu photo TOKYO, "ThreeorfourthousandChinese, withtheirarmstiedbehindthem, weredriveninfourcolumnstothecoalportinthenorthofNanjing, wheretheywereshotbytwoheavymachineguns," KenrouKajitani, athensergeantassignedtotheSecondAnchorageheadquartersoftheJapanesemilitary ,, 1937, duringtheNanjingMassacre, whichKajitanihadparticipatedin. Tokyo, December 13 electricity "thirty-four thousands of Chinese people, arms tied behind groups of four, The four collars were rushed to the coal port in northern Nanjing, and they scan them with two heavy machine guns.

"Had participated in the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders second anchorage field Command Sergeant Lang in Kajitani health field diary, recording the massacre in Nanjing, December 17, 1937. December13marksthe84thanniversaryoftheNanjingM ,, seriouslyandearnestly, tothetestimonies." Onlybyfacingthefactscouldwetrulymoveonfromthetragedyandthinkaboutthefuture "SaidthemoderatorOfthegathering. On December 13 this year, I mourned the 84th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre. It is also the eighth Nanjing Massacre, the national public festival day.

On the same day, nearly 100 Japanese people came to the venue. In front of the truth of the real history, all the people who arrived are particularly serious and serious.

The presiding officer said: "The face real history, can really come out of the tragic history, but also to really think about the future go from here." LinBoyao, anoverseasChineseinJapanwhohasbeenengagedinhistoricalstudiesrelatedtoNanjingMassacre, presentedahand-drawnmapoftheNanjingMassacrepaintedbyKajitani, andgavealectureonthehistoryoftheMassacreattheYMCAAsianYouthCenterinTokyo, Japan, has long been engaged relevant historical research of the Nanjing Massacre The Rodiac Qishan is holding the map of the coal port holding the coal port in the world. It will give you a speech in the "84th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre" in Tokyo, Japan, YMCA Asian Youth Center.

ApartfromKajitanisdiary, thoseofseniormilitarycommandersKesagoNakajimaandToichiSasakiwerealsopresented. "Webrokethroughtheenemyspositionbeforedawnandfired15,000roundsattheremainingsoldiersandthepeoplewhogatheredontheriverbank," nvadersinNanjing. In addition to the diary Kajitani health Lang, the day’s testimony will also show the Japanese invading army division commander of the 16th Division Kesago Nakajima and the 30th Brigade to a brigade commander Sasaki Private diary.

Among them, Sasaki wrote to a diary: "We broke through the enemy position before dawn, and then the people who gathered on the river and the defeat will be taken, and all the bullets are all shot." One line of cruel words also confirm The Japanese army in Nanjing is practical.

VideostakenwithChenDeguiandPanKaiming, twosurvivorsofthemassacreinthecoalportdescribingthemassacre ,, thescenethattheyweretiedup, andthelocationoftheshooting, alltheinformationcorrespondswiththediariesofKenrouKajitaniandToichiSasaki. Testimony at the meeting, the two had also played witnessed the Nanjing Massacre survivors Coal Harbor Chende Gui Pan Kaiming memories and video. In the story of the two, whether the number of people who were taken to the riverside, the scene of the tied team, the Japanese sweeping scene, etc., and the Diagonal Jacang’s diary is completely consistent, and it also echoes Sasaki to a record.