Wednesday, May 31

The supervisory department’s door-to-door service is guided as a good policy for the three-party logistics enterprises in medical devices.

Original title: The supervisory department’s door-to-door service guidance is August 15th, and the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. Combined with the actual supervision of the medical equipment in our city, the bureau is a joint food and drug safety monitoring and review The center intends to store, distributed medical equipment three-party logistics enterprises in the city, further support the development of medical equipment enterprises, optimize the business environment, and standardize the market order of medical equipment.

The research firmly listened to the introduction of the corporate responsible person on the construction of the three-party logistics platform of the medical device, and learned about the production of corporate quality management personnel, detailed look at the warehouse settings, facilities and equipment operations, and computer information management system operation. The field guidance is conducted on the field identification discovery in the field inspection, computer information management system settings, and operational processes. The research team emphasized that enterprises must fulfill their responsibility of the company, strengthen relevant regulations such as "Medical Device Supervision and Administration Regulations", regulations, improve the quality management level of enterprises, and promote the standardization, scale development and effective service of the three-party logistics enterprises in the city medical equipment. The city’s medical equipment production and operation enterprises and usage units promote the healthy and orderly development of the medical equipment industry in our city. Chen Wei (responsible: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting), the Lanzhou Daily Department, Sharing, let more people see the recommended reading.