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Policy continues to help work more powerful (achieve higher quality employment 5)

Original title: Policy continued to help work more power (achieve higher quality employment 5) Core reading in recent years, there have been a number of measures to highlight key employment groups: increasing security efforts, providing point-right Employment services; the introduction of preferential policies provide convenience to the flexible employment personnel; simplify the procedures, providing unemployment subsidies, social security subsidies for employment difficulties.

  College graduates – special people to carry out employment guidelines in Beijing, Xiaoliang is a new graduate for Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Professional in Nanchang Aviation University. Mother is a disabled, father is security, Xiaoliang family conditions, after graduation, I hope to share some pressure in the job in the job, but have not found the right position. After you know this situation, the staff of the Human Resources Public Service Center in the area quickly launched a pair of support mechanisms, collecting information suitable for small jobs, actively recommending positions, and sent employment service instructors to accompany to participate in the interview. Interview guidance, psychological adjustment. At the same time, the street Convenience Service Center also sent an employment service specialist to enter the households. Through a pair of employment guidance, guide the establishment of a reasonable employment. Under the close cooperation of employment service staff, the bumble successfully employed.

He is very grateful to the help of the staff to help him: "I will continue to work hard to put your help and expectation, transform into a good job.

"According to reports, this year, Beijing Shengyuan University graduates, the overall employment pressure is not small. In order to effectively solve the difficulties encountered in the job search, Beijing urban employment service department graduated from unidentified colleges in the city. Health, focus on the real-name employment service of "point-to-point" to help them employ early. "We will further strengthen policy and service guarantee, measures and promote marketization.

"Zhao Lin, director of the Beijing Graduate Employment Service Center.

  In terms of ensuring employment, Beijing adopts a number of initiatives: support enterprises, for enterprises in Beijing administrative region, recruiting university graduates in the year, in line with the conditions, will give no more than 3 years of social insurance Subsidy; support flexible employment, for college graduates within 2 years, the initial employment is flexible and employment, can apply for a flexible employment social security subsidy, the longest can enjoy 3 years according to standards.

  At the same time, support for employment.

I haven’t implemented the graduates who have not implemented work, they can choose to participate in employment trainees, accumulate work experience, and enjoy social security subsidies in accordance with flexible employment. At present, 365 trainees in the city have provided more than 5,700 trainees. From the conventional situation, the rejection rate of trainees reached more than 50%. According to reports, the next step, Beijing will serve the real-name system, difficult family graduates are accurate to help, go all out, realize the life rate of Beijing’s birthday is not less than 95%, difficult family graduates 100% employment help . Flexible employment personnel – Not long before the online application is convenient, the household is a 26-year-old girl Han Yazhi, a 26-year-old girl in Anyang, Henan, decided to apply for basic endowment insurance in Zhengzhou. She registered an account on the Zhengzhou City Integrated Service Platform "Zheng Hao Office" app, according to the guidance, only a few steps, the application is completed. In less than 5 minutes, the staff of the Zhengzhou Social Insurance Center went to call, inform her to apply, to go to the tax department for a payment next month, you can participate, pay. "I am freelancer, I will do my own e-commerce anchor after graduation."

It is so good to participate in basic pension insurance in Zhengzhou now! "Han Yazhi said." Zhengzhou as a provincial capital city, attracted a large number of flexible employment. At the beginning of 2018, the city decided to release household registration restrictions, allowing account to participate in the basic endowment insurance in Zhengzhou City in other regions in the province and work in Zhengzhou.

"Yang Qinghua, director of the Office of Zhengzhou Social Insurance Center.

  "The flexible employment personnel of the account in other regions of Henan Province participated in basic pension insurance, enjoy the same services as Zhengzhou local households.

"Zhengzhou City Social Insurance Center staff said that in order to facilitate participation, the center opened online fast application channel on the" Zheng Hao Office "app in June last year, and the flexible employees who have a willingness will not exceed their ID card. After 5 minutes, you can complete the application. After the month will return to the tax department to complete the payment registration. "The amount of insurance will be considering the operation of the social security center and the mass tolerance, each year will adjust the payment of the payment, this year’s upper limit is 3178 yuan The lower limit is 635 yuan. "Sheng Chunqin said that the amount of pension insurance can be received in the future, considering that the flexible employment staff is not fixed, Zhengzhou City allows them to pay within the same payment year, and does not affect the accumulation of payment." Last year Since the influence of the epidemic, some flexible employees have decreased.

We launch a targeted preferential policy that allows them to pay the next year’s basic pension insurance fees in the next payment annual. "It is reported that as of July this year, Zhengzhou City flexible employees participated in the number of basic pension insurance, of which Johnsi is a non-Zhengzhou local household registration personnel. Employment difficult person – pay social security can receive subsidies This year’s 45-year-old employment difficult person Liu Hunan, lives in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

There is a father-in-hospital father, there is a child who is studying in high school, and the income of the income of the husband and wife is not small.

  Since 2003, Liu Xiang began to pay social security. The community has aware of the situation of Liu Xiangjia. In April last year, the staff introduced her to her social security subsidy policy: "Social security to pay, is confirming a subsidy qualification, and can return 2/3 payment to the account every quarter.

Liu Xiang came to the bright northern community of his living. Su Jixin immediately helped her to fill in the information, applying for the employment difficult person to determine the qualification of the flexible employment social security. Soon, qualification confirmation is completed, the employment entrepreneurship registration certificate is also available. Subsidy According to the quarter, in September last year, Liu Xiang received a SMS to the subsidy.

"After the application, I only pay the insurance as usual, and I will have money to hit the account." Liu Xiang said. "Apply for flexible employment social security subsidies, just two days, the people don’t have to ran again.

"Su Jixin introduced that as of August this year, Nanning City identified 13,972 employment difficult personnel, and received 1244 people in the number of flexible employment entrepreneurship subsidies.

  In July 2020, the relevant policies related to the unemployment subsidies in Nanning, receiving unemployment personnel who have not employed unemployment insurance, as well as unemployed people who have participated in unemployment insurance in Nanning, but not in line with unemployment insurance conditions, can receive the most 6 months, up to 2400 yuan of unemployment subsidy.

  In recent years, Nanning City also rely on the "Smart Human Society" information platform, explores 25 "exemption" business, "exemption", "exemption", "exemption", "exemption", "including" Flexible employment social security subsidies "The subsidy items in the company, strive to achieve" policies to find someone ", solve the problem of complex procedures. (Editor: Huang Sa, Song Jing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.