Wednesday, May 31

The member of the Party Group of Hainan Water Supply House, the director of the Provincial Sanfund Office, was "double open"

Original title: The party group of the Hainan Water Affairs Department, the director of the Provincial Sanfang Office, the Director of the Provincial Three Protection Office, was opened to the party or public office, and the Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has conducted a serious violation of the party, the Director of the Provincial Department of Water, and the Director of the Sanfund Office.

  After investigation, Ji Chun was in the director of the Provincial Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Survey, in violation of national laws and regulations, using the convenience of jobs, in the project bidding, for others, and receivable people’s property, suspected of accepting bribes.

  Instrumental Jun is the leading cadres of party members, the ideals and beliefs are lost, and the private desires are seriously violated the party’s discipline and national law, and the party’s 18th National Congress will still do not converge, do not accept the hand, the top wind accepts others bribery, the nature is bad, the circumstances are serious.

During the organizational survey, the Ji Chun is not loyal to the organization, not honest, and is fortunate, and the opportunity to reject the violation of the discipline, do not cherish the opportunity of the party’s education to save the rescue. According to the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on the Disposal of the Communist Party of China, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission was considered and the provincial party committee was approved, and the provincial government was approved by the party; the provincial supervisory department reported the provincial government approval and gave it to open public relations. At present, the procuratorate investigates them.

(Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection) Guijun Qi Qi Zi Zijun, Male, Han nationality, September 1968, Hainan Zuchang, doctoral degree, participated in October 1990, June 1999, joined the Communist Party of China.

  Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, South China University of Science and Technology; Technician (Hospital) Technician; Haikou City Municipal Construction Key Engineering Management Office Deputy Director (herein: May 1999 in June 1999 in Tongshi) Wuji Mountain Township Deputy Vice Township); Deputy General Manager of Haikou City Subcommittee (herein: September 1999 to June 2001, in Jilin University Enterprise Management Major Graduate Course Learning Class); Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Water Conservancy in Haikou; Haikou City Secretary for Water Affairs, member of the party group (herein: March 2005 to February 2008, studying in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, Tianjin University, Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering; Hainan Water Water Water Resources Survey Bureau Director; Hainan Water Supply Hall Director of the Office of the Party Group, the Office of the Provincial Flood Control and Windproof and Drought Drought Center (from March 2016, the deputy director of the National Flood Control and Drought Drought Headquarters Office).