Wednesday, May 31

The US manufacturing giant is bitter, and the supply bottleneck affects the price increases to relieve stress.

On November 15th, the website recently reported that American large manufacturers such as General Motors, General Electric, 3M and Boeing are facing the cost of logistics problems and global supply bottlenecks, which may continue until next year. These companies have agreed that the supply of corporate profits can be alleviated by improving the product price.

A few months ago, enterprises around the world ringed alarm clock, the former pushed the price of raw materials such as chemicals and steel.

Investors further understand the situation of these issues in different companies from the recent announcement report.

At the beginning, the price of raw materials is very high, and the General Auto Chairman and CEO Mary Bora say that our full-size truck and full-size sports multi-function vehicle (SUV) is very good, but we can’t make more Car to meet demand.

She also said that General Motors are seeking to start from supply chain to improve production efficiency, and chip shortage issues are expected to improve in the second half of 2022. Jet Engines and Wind Turbine Manufacturers General Electric Chairman and CEO Larry Calpe, adapt to the global supply chain of the intermittent time, just like playing a carnival game that allows players to keep alert.