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Qing Yunfish Huangzhangfei Shanghai has a large number of listed allergies, the citizens are cautious

Original title: Qingzhang fish yellow urban fish, a large number of listed allergies, the public is cautious to use the news provided by Zhejiang Zhoushan Fisheries Department: This year, the Donghai has been fully open in mid-September, and the larger seafood is a seafood and yellow, followed. It is the third of the crab, such as horsefish, and lancing crabs. Qing, Huangzhang fish, have entered the Shanghai-Shanghai vegetable market and other sales, and its retail price fell 30% from the same period last year, 7-8 yuan per catty, Shanghai watched citizens. Directive experts, Director of the Quality and Safety and Processing Laboratory of the East China Sea Aquatic Research Institute reminded that allergies have eaten body red swollen, please take careful! This year, the fishing volume is very green, and the yellowes and fish are cheap. It is reported that the pair of fish is the traditional East China Sea economic fish. In the past, the annual fishing volume is more, this year is particularly more.

Master Master, who was fishing in the East China Sea nearly 40 years, this year, the East China Sea is full of catching to the end of last month, he is the most fishing amount is not a shuttle crab, and it is not a squid, fish, yellow fish, but not seeing the passenger, yellow, Huang Zhan fish.

  "A boat fissed more than 30% of Qing, Huangzi, one of them, more than half of them is blue, yellowes, and it is estimated that it has been over-arrested this year, and the yubquer fishing has an average of about 2% higher than last year.

"Qing, Huangzhang fish, have entered the sales of the local dishes and other local food markets, the price dropped to 5-6 yuan per kilogram, even 4 yuan. The fishermen reflected, many Ningbo, Zhoushan, Taizhou people like to be blue, yellow Ask fish, marinated or smoked this year, the price is obviously fell, and it is optimistic that many local families are marinated at home, becoming a bright landscape. Marinated or be smoked is popular with some of the stall sales Different from the East Hai fish, yellow croaker, the squid, the delicate meat, green, yellowes and fish meat, thick, still slightly smell, so as many Ningbo people, Shanghai watched eaters like to buy back, pick it up Or doing smoked fish. Ninghai East Road, Dazhang, Renmin Road, Ningbo Road, etc. Up to one bought more than 5 pounds. The reporter also learned from the above-mentioned vegetarian market, most of the aquatic stalls only put a small part of the blue, and the yellowesaw fish is placed on the counter, most of the refrigerator is frozen and refrigerated.

"Blue, yellow, yellow fish, the time is easy to deteriorate."

"A stall owner in the big-hairy market," Qing, Huangzhang fish’s fish is especially chewy, elastic, delicious, is a bit like the fine meat in pork, many people tasted the smoked fish to do with the fish. like.

After the East China Sea is fully on, her booth sales increased by about 2% from last year.

"At the same time, the reporter learned that this year’s Shanghai vegetable market is 7-8 yuan per catty, it is about 30% from last year, the retail price is 10 yuan to 12 yuan per kilogram. [Reminder Why did the red swelling phenomenon will appear after some food, and the yubquerry is listed in a large number of listed. After the public, Mr. Jiao is reflected, and it feels red swelling in the face and the body. What will happen? For this reason, reporter Specially invited aquatic products, Director of the Quality and Safety and Processing Laboratory of the East China Sea Aquatic Research Institute Answer.

  Cai Youjun explained, yellowing, Huangzhangfish produced from the East China Sea, Huanghai, Bohai and other sea.

Blue, yellowespeed fish, red color, belonging to straw fish, this kind of fish is relatively high, and allergic citizens have eaten allergies. If the fish is not fresh, histamine content will rise, and it is more prone to allergies.

  Be sure to buy fresh green, yellowish fish, bought back, yellowing, if you can’t cook in time, you should be put into the refrigerator and refrigerated.

Even if it is not allergic, you can’t eat a lot of and continuously, and you should have more careful accommodation. "(Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.